Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Japanese Magazines GWP Preview

The June issue of InRed will come with a Tsumori Chisato 3-way mini shoulder bag. It has both internal and external pockets and a detachable strap that allows it to be used as a shoulder bag, a clutch or as a 'bag-in-bag'. The design is modelled after a Tsumori Chisato large tote bag. You can watch the video clip here. The release date is 7 May for Japan.

The June issue of Steady will come with a Beams tote bag. Check out the video clip here. Also due out on 7 May in Japan.

The June issue of Mini comes with an Irony tote bag. Due out on 30 April. Check out the video clip here.

The next issue of Nonno comes with a Peach John zip pouch. Due out on 6 May.

The July issue of More comes with a Gelato Pique large tote bag and Pantene Extra Damage Care shampoo and conditioner. Due out on 22 May.

The July issue of Spring will come with a Dressteria tote bag. Due out on 22 May.


Kay | Postcard Marketing said...

The Peach John zip pouch is really cute, it is the perfect pouch where I can keep my make up! Thanks for sharing!

Michelle said...

OMG, these tote bags are making me go crazy, hahahahahaha! I just got 2 Jap magazines - Baila (with Mimi & Roger tote) and Sweet (with Gelato Pique tote)!

I have to get the Tsumori Chisato one! I love this print from S/S and even have the tee in the same print/color! LOL!

Now if only I can get my hands on the large tote!

LinN said...

Ooo! The Tsumori Chisato 3 way bag looks so cute!
Is InRed available in Singapore's Kinokuniya? When will the magazines usually be released?

I visit Kinokuniya so often but only for manga, and your pictures are making me shift my attention XD

Thanks for sharing!

Haru said...

hi LinN,
Yes, InRed is available at the Kino stores in Singapore. Kino's air shipment dates are usually every Wednesdays and Fridays (subject to public holidays in Japan which sometimes cause the dates to change) and the magazines arrive in Singapore usually right after they have been released in Japan. Since 7 May is a Friday, my guess is that the InRed magazine will arrive at Kino Singapore stores on 7 May as well.

LinN said...

Thanks for the quick reply & info!
I'm so gonna drop by Kino as often as I can next week XD