Saturday, 3 April 2010

Liberty of London for Target Haul

As mentioned earlier, I caught the Liberty fever while vacationing in Honolulu. I had read about the Liberty of London for Target collection on some blog and thought that the prints looked pretty interesting. And so after visiting Pearl Habour one fine morning, my dear husband drove me around in search of the Target store. When we finally found it, I just fell in love with the whole collection of charming floral prints. After a big haul on that day, I persuaded him to return to the store the next day in the hope that the collection would be re-stocked and indeed, it was! After that, we also hunted down the other Target store in Oahu which turned out to have an even wider variety.

So that's how I came home with this massive stash of Liberty. My husband was highly amused by the fact that we managed to visit every Target and Sephora on the island. Fortunately, there were only two of each! Oh, and WalMart as well (for the Hard Candy line) ;-p

I was delighted to find that I could fit the large sizes from the children's collection. Not only were the children's clothes cheaper, many of them were made of very soft cotton whereas the adult women's collection contained several polyester pieces. The three pieces below and the small tote bag are from the children's collection.

Also picked up a halter neck swimsuit (US$34.99) and bikini (US$19.99 each for the top and bottom).

Long scarves with tassles around the edges (US$14.99 each)

My favourite part of the Dunclare print are the dandelions.

Men's boxers (US$5.99)

This robe (US$17.99) is from the homewear collection but it's elegant enough to be worn out.

These pieces below are also from the homewear collection.

Mini journal set

Came home wishing I could have hauled even more but I do have a lot to keep me happy for a long time to come!


shopaholic said...

they are GORGEOUS!!! great buys indeed :)

BV said...

OMG I adore the prints! I have seen a lot online at the Target website and none of them look as nice as the prints you've bought - great haul!

Question (if I may!) does Hawaii have good public transport? Just discovered that the hotel I want to stay at in Ala Moana is quite some distance from the Target store and unfortch scared to hire a car and drive because US drives on the opposite side of the road...?

Many thanks

Haru said...

hi BV,
Don't let the driving on the opposite side of the road deter you. It's actually not that hard and takes just awhile to get used to. The drivers in Honolulu are also quite alright, not crazily impatient like in Singapore, so driving was quite enjoyable actually and it is the best way to see the most of the island as we were able to hop in and out at the various beaches rather than wait for public transport. It's not a big island too, so driving to the various sightseeing spots and malls was usually quite fast. And it's good to have a car if you're shopping! But do research the driving directions in advance. We used Google Maps and even then, we were driving around in circles for awhile trying to locate some of the stores.

There are buses and taxis but taxis cost a bomb. Just getting from the airport to our hotel by taxi, which was 8km, cost us US$34. Buses cost about US$2.25 per ride. Renting a car is about under US$100 per day and it's really worthwhile. We rented a Mazda 3 from National Car Rental and it was an amazingly smooth drive compared to the Mustang that we rented for the first 2 days (and much more comfortable as well). If you are staying near Ala Moana, you should head to the building with the McDonald's just down the street from Ala Moana where there is National, Budget and another car rental company. That's where we rented from and it was very straightforward and easy to deal with.

Anonymous said...

love those prints, didn't know liberty of london print were so popular, envy you! :)

Vonvon said...

You are really a GREAT Shopaholic!!! I love those dresses and the prints, very suited for our hot tropical weather.

Michelle said...

Your Liberty for Target haul looks so much better than what I saw in stores! By the time I got to the stores a week later, most of the good stuff was gone, even online! You picked some really nice stuff!