Thursday, 15 April 2010

More Kutsushita Nyanko goodies

I couldn't resist picking up some more Kutsushita Nyanko stationery today at Kinokuniya :-)

The letter set (S$7.70) comes with two designs of the letter sheets and envelopes, plus a sheet of stickers.

I also got the two envelope sets (S$7.70 each). Each set contains four designs with 8 pieces of each design, plus a sheet of stickers.

And here's the small pouch that I got yesterday filled up with my lipsticks!


shopaholic said...

omigod, they are gorgeous! i would have bought if i were u too :)

Kay | Catalog Prints said...

That's a lot of lipstick you got there, is that your collection? When I was younger me and my friends collect stickers and stationery, when we think that the other has a nice one we would trade :)

Anonymous said...

LOVELY!!! I'm so tempted to get a set too!

Haru said...

hi Kay,
Yup, that's my lipstick stash.

Anonymous said...

OMG, cutest design evar... x3 I think I've seen these before somewhere, was it Lotus Palace? Ah, yes, Kathi! So cute cute cute x3