Saturday, 10 April 2010

Anna Sui Lip Rouge Swatches

The Anna Sui Lip Rouge collection has just been launched at the counters in Singapore. Retailing at S$40 each, the collection features a wide array of 30 shades in four textures: Glossy, Vivid, Dazzle and Tint. The tester packaging reflects the colour of the lipstick shade for ease of reference. This is different from the packaging of the actual lipsticks that are sold, which are predominantly black with accents of either purple or red depending on which texture the shade is. You can view the actual lipstick packaging on the official website.

My favourite is the Vivid range of 7 shades, as these provide excellent colour payoff with a glossy texture that does not dry out your lips. The secret of the vibrant colours lies in the lipstick base which is made with a highly transparent liquid oil and just a small amount of wax.

I swatched some of the shades in the pic above.

I was immediately drawn to the Lip Rouge V#3060, which is a dramatic black. This shade is definitely not for the faint of heart as the pigment is indeed quite intense with a shiny finish. You can also use mix it or layer it over other lip colours to create your own desired shades.

Anna Sui is also known for her signature red lips, which you can achieve with Lip Rouge V #460 (on the left side of the black shade).

The rosy berry shade on the right side of the black is Lip Rouge V #461. When I shop for lipsticks, my natural instinct is always to go for the berry/wine shades. The shade on the extreme right is probably Lip Rouge V #361.

In the pic below, the shades are Lip Rouge Tint #850 (middle) and Lip Rouge Tint #351 (right). Sorry, I forgot the number of the shade on the left! #850 is a cheery sunny yellow in the tube and applies with just the barest hint of yellow.


Unknown said...

great swatches! ^.^ are the dazzle lippies good too? I'm lemming for 371 <3

Haru said...

hi Chelle,

Sorry, I didn't try out the Dazzle lippies as I was mainly swatching the Vivid and Tints. But if I recall correctly from playing with the Dazzle lipsticks on my holiday in Hawaii a few weeks ago, the Dazzle lipsticks are very shimmery with pretty good colour payoff. But I don't know if they will feel gritty on the lips.

Anonymous said...

wow. really shiny.

Anonymous said...

Yes, shiny!!! Wonder if it looks as good on the lips as it does on the swatches. The red is calling out to me but I'm afraid of not being able to pull off the look because I wear glasses and I always think that red lips, drawn eyes and glasses might just look too over done. How do you girls feel?

Haru said...

Perhaps you can try pairing the red lips with a simple eye look, like just some eyeliner, mascara and neutral eyeshadow. That way, the whole look is simple and elegant without being too overdone. I wear glasses too and I never feel that it is competing with my makeup. But maybe that's just me!

Unknown said...

thanks for the feedback on Dazzle lipsticks! =)