Thursday, 15 April 2010

Dior Price Increase

Just received a letter from Dior that they will be raising their prices (again!) across all product categories with effect from 1 May. This is "in line with the price adjustment campaign undertaken globally on an annual basis". I do not know which product prices are going up or by how much but if you are considering purchasing something from Dior, best to check quickly with the counter if the price will be raised.

The price of the eyeshadow quints has already gone from S$87 to S$91 over the past year. At this rate, Dior is rapidly pricing itself out of my budget. And the use of the word "campaign" just left a bad taste. Who campaigns to raise prices?! Since it is a global campaign, I guess the local Dior office does not have much say in the matter. But the relentless price increases are bound to turn consumers, at least those on a budget, off at some point.


TV Screens, Streams and Idol Dreams said...

I can't believe they are putting their prices up !
Defo not in my budget anymore :( x

. : * justine * : . said...

They raised prices here by about 1-4$ per item (quints went from 56 to 58$) but wow, the SGD prices are so much higher!! I hate that they are raising the prices but I will more than likely continue to buy at least what I do like... and use my points to get as much for free as I can. Thankfully the store which does the points program also sells groceries and random necessities so it's easy to build the points up.

But seriously, raised price points D:

Anonymous said...

I had only tried their lipglosses before & that was eons ago. Since then, I had stopped using their products due to their unfriendly pricing.

Anonymous said...

i love their dior blush but haven't gotten a new one from them for a long time due to their high price tag but now looks like i have to forgo getting anything from them. They are nice but there are others too at a less expensive price.

Vonvon said...

I heard it earlier this week too, and I am starting to get addicted to Dior...:(