Wednesday, 7 April 2010

InRed x Velnica

The May issue of InRed (S$19) arrived at Kinokuniya today. It comes with a Velnica zip pouch and scrunchie. Velnica is a Japanese roomwear brand, similar to Gelato Pique.

The coral peach of the accessories is actually paler than it appears in the photos below. These are made of polyester and feel like terry cloth material. You can watch a video clip of these here.

Love the cute pompoms around the zip!

The mag is pricey but the quality of the pouch and scrunchie is good.

Some other Velnica products.

The June issue of InRed will come with a Tsumori Chisato "3-way bag-in-bag" that can be used either as a pouch or a mini shoulder bag. No pics of it yet. The release date is 7 May in Japan.

Kinokuniya (Ngee Ann City) also has the new Steady with a Rebecca Taylor pouch in stock but I didn't fancy the print nor the small size so decided to skip it. There are also plenty of stocks left of Spring which comes with a To b. by Agnes B striped cloth bag. However, the reviews on Cozycot for the bag have been dismal. One member complained that the bag shrunk after washing while another member said that the stripes started to rub off after a few days and she was so irritated that she threw it away!

The quality of these magazine supplements can vary quite a bit even though they are all made in China so it's worthwhile to try and do a bit of research on them before purchasing. The mooks cost more than the magazines but the mooks' accessories are usually of much better quality. I highly recommend both the Cath Kidston and Gelato Pique mooks which have been restocked at Kino.


makeupmag said...

The pompoms are cute! :D

Sandra said...

I would like to touch them! :)

Anonymous said...

My experinece so far has been that mooks ususally comes with better quality gifts than those magazines although they tend to be pricier. Most of those gifts that I own from buying the Japanese magazines has already been thrown away by me due to the inferior quality.

Anonymous said...

Somehow reminds me of the stuff from Gelato Pique. Love it.

Anonymous said...

the mag/mook freebies are almost always too cute, but if i may (just curious), do you actually use all of them? you seem to buy many. i've a few myself but always stop at buying more 'coz i can't imagine what i'll do with so many pouches/mirrors/etc. -stella

Haru said...

hi stella,
I do use most of the magazine supplements that I get although the less good quality ones usually just end up in a drawer. I keep the small mirrors and pouches stashed around different places, like my bedroom, study, office, in my various bags etc.

BeautyOnTheWay said...

I saw it from Kinokuniya too, but was afraid the quality is no good. And now it seems quite ok from your pic.