Saturday, 3 April 2010

Tokyo Last Day Haul

Yesterday was our last day in Tokyo and the mad beauty addict in me decided that I just had to get more Steam Creams. As the counter in Shibuya where I originally bought the Soleil can design had closed, we decided to head to Ikebukuro where a new Steam Cream shop was supposed to open yesterday (Friday). When we got there at 10am, the shop staff were standing around with the shelves all empty. As it turns out, they were not able to start operations until much later in the day as their stocks had not even arrived yet. With just a couple of hours left before we had to catch the coach to the airport, my indulgent husband agreed to head to Ueno with me, on the other side of Tokyo where there was another Steam Cream counter in OIOI department store.

At OIOI, I got another 6 Steam Creams: (top row, left to right) Epris and Yume, (middle row) Gaudy, Bonheur and Fiore, (bottom row) Soleil and Party. I have been using Steam Cream as a body moisturiser and am already one-third of the way through my first can in just one week. I love how it instantly absorbs, leaving my skin soft and moisturised without any greasiness. Steam Cream is available in Singapore online through Soap'n'Sorbet and at the Trixilini boutique in Millenia Walk but the can designs are different from what is available in Tokyo currently.

The trip to Ikebukuro wasn't a total bust though as at the Beaute de Kose counter, I came across the Fantasist Collection 2 (5250yen) which was released for the holiday season last November! This gorgeous set never made it to Singapore, where Kose has been promoting the Esprique Precious brand instead of Beaute de Kose. I was amazed that there were still a couple of sets left at the Seibu counter.

The set contains Eye Fantasist in Dark Cherry (SP063) and Shimmery Pink (PK857), Rouge Fantasist Aqua Vinyl RO681, Puff Cheek PK830 and a glossy body cream. The two Eye Fantasist shades are available only as part of this set. The box is a beauty.

What sold me on the set was of course the Dark Cherry Eye Fantasist which is a gorgeous metallic wine burgundy shade.

My buddy, Kathi over at Lotus Palace has a great review on this set. Do check it out here!


Anonymous said...

The Xmas set is really very pretty. In fact, it's my fav buy last Xmas! Enjoy!

karen said...

hi haru, those steam cream cans look gorgeous!!! are they cheaper in jp?

btw, do u know how much r the steams creams in sg at the Trixilini boutique? i hope its not too ex :x

Haru said...

hi Karen,
The Steam Creams cost S$26 on, think they should cost the same at Trixilini but I'm not sure. The price in Japan is 1500yen, which is about S$22 at the current exchange rate.

Michelle said...

Awwww your DH is such a sweetie!!!! I am amazed you managed to go all the way to Ueno and back in time for your coach to the airport!

Karupin said...

Do you have the address for steamcream in Tokyo, my boyfriend is going there, i thought of getting him to buy me a few back, i can't seems to find online..
Thanks so much

Haru said...

hi Karupin,
Steam Cream is sold in temporary locations currently in Tokyo. The current locations according to the Steam Cream (Japan) website are as below.

JR Ikebukuro Station (just outside the Chuo-guchi [central exit]) from now until end-June, 10am to 8pm
~6月末まで 営業時間:10:00-20:00 

Marui Department Store Level 1 in Yurakucho from 10 May to 20 June
●有楽町マルイ 1F    5月10日(月)~6月20日(日)

3rd Floor of Lumine Est in Shinjuku, near the escalator on the south side, from 24 May to 20 June
●ルミネエスト新宿店 3F 南側エレベーター前      5月24日(月)~6月20日(日)

Daimaru department store in Tokyo station, Level 1, South side, from 26 May to 8 June
●大丸東京店 1F 南側    5月26日(水)~6月8日(火)

Takashimaya in Shinjuku, Level 1, from 9-22 June
●新宿タカシマヤ 1F 婦人洋品売場     6月9日(水)~6月22日(火)