Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Skin79 Launched @ Watsons

Skin79 has just launched at various Watsons stores around the island!

The Watsons stores in Ngee Ann City, Marina Square, Bugis Junction, Parkway Parade and Jurong Point have dedicated display units showcasing the full range of Skin79 products available in Singapore, while the other Watsons stores will carry a small selection of the more popular products.

The display units are quite hard to miss, being all pink and shiny. When I was at the Ngee Ann City Watons at noon today, there were no other customers but the Watsons staff were crowded around the display asking what the individual products were for. Admittedly with such a large range of BB creams on offer, the selection can be quite overwhelming at first.

Do check out the stores with the display units if you wish to try out the products before buying as only those stores provide testers.

Here's the range available at the Watsons in Wisma Atria.

I have used the VIP Gold and Super Plus BB Creams several times each after receiving them at the bloggers' preview party. Both BB Creams impressed me with their excellent oil control and natural finish.

Here's a pic of me wearing the Super Plus BB Cream (S$36.90), which is suitable for oily/combination skin. The cream feels a bit heavy and dense when you first pump it out, but after warming it up in my palm, it melds right into my skin when applied with my fingertips. It dries to a nice powder finish that lasts very well over more than 10 hours of wear, with just occasional blotting every few hours to remove the shine on my T-zone. It does not provide full coverage but it does even out my skintone quite visibly. I like to top it off with Paul & Joe loose powder for a more dreamy, polished finish. You can read my earlier review of the VIP Gold BB Cream here.


Furry Guy! said...

That's sooooo pink!

Michelle said...

Thanks for your review on the Super Plus BB cream for oily/combination skin. Which do you like better i.e. this or the VIP Gold?

Haru said...

hi MIchelle,
I like VIP Gold better actually as I find the finish to be slightly more natural compared to Super Plus but both are equally good in terms of oil control.

shopaholic said...

hi, i was at watsons marina sq branch at lunchtime yesterday where the display unit & testers were. however, no products were placed on its shelves :(

i tried both VIP gold & super BB on the back of my hands and found them pleasant and easy to blend yet not too rich. will give it a try when there's a promotion. the size is quite huge though.

Anonymous said...

your waston's is good... i don't know if KL is going to have this too. i don't care if its japanese or korean or indian, the more brands the better for us!!!


Kay | Postcard Marketing said...

I totally agree with you the display units are really hard to miss, because it is super pink and cute and it will really make you want to take a look. But I am not sure which cream will be perfect for me. I should check it out.

Sunshine said...

Yoyo Haru,
I'm sold! I hopped down to watson and grabbed my super VIP gold BB, i am so looking forward to trying it out, thanks for your review.

FOTD looks convincing :)

hey haru, do you know there is also the diamond BB, a tall tube...is it a new sub Skin79 line? i saw skin79 shelf also has the diamond BB besides hot pink and gold one.

they also have BB powder pact, do you use it with VIP gold too? coz you mentioned u tap it with Paul and Joe LP..

what do you think of the powder pact?

thanks :-)

Haru said...

hi sunshine,
I just purchased the BB Powder Pact yesterday (in the pink packaging). I used it today on top of the Super Plus BB Cream, and it helped to provide greater coverage and 'set' the BB cream. I did not use any loose powder on top of that. The BB Cream does not provide full coverage, only medium at best so the Powder Pact is useful if you need greater coverage, like for skin redness or discolourations. Overall, I thought the Powder Pact worked very well with the BB Cream and my makeup lasted well into the evening, with just the occasional blotting.

hi Kay,
The stores with the dedicated standalone displays will also have Beauty Advisors to help you select the right product for your skin, so you can always try asking them!

Michelle said...

Thanks for your feedback Iris! So how do you find the BB powder pact? Texture? Is it finely milled? Cakey? Does it "sit" on top of the BB cream or do you think it provided a natural look? Thanks again!

Sunshine said...

Hey Haru

Thanks for reply on the BB pact :) happy to know it works well for you :-)

A follow up after my skin79 VIP gold purchase..dear, i tried it today and found skin79 to be tad dark on my skin tone. i am about MC 20. sigh..it's not like very dark, just that after application, my skin tone appears 1 tone darker as compared to my normal liquid foundation.

Haru dear, i am still interested to try skin79 hot pink following your review but i scared hotpink is equally dark so defeat the purpose and waste money. since you have tried both pink and gold, would you please tell me if hot pink shade is the same as VIP gold or it's lighter/darker? if same tone, then no point buying..really thanks!!!

Disney_movie_lover said...

Haru, during your fun skin79 workshop, did you try their skin care set ? thanks. saw in watson they have a 3 in 1 "new turn therapy" consists of white vita C, repair, collagen serum, wonder if you have tried them too and can share with us?

looks like this after google

Haru said...

hi Sunshine,
I find the Super Plus shade to be very similar to VIP Gold, so my guess is that you may also find Super Plus to be a tad dark on you. You can always try it out in the store first, to see if it suits you. As for the VIP Gold, perhaps you can try layering a white loose powder over it to lighten the tone?

hi Disney_movie_lover,
I did try out the 3 skin serums at the Skin79 workshop, but only on the back of my hand so I can't say how well or effective they are. Perhaps you can try googling for reviews elsewhere?

hi Michelle,
I find the powder pact to be quite finely milled, with a smooth natural-looking texture. It doesn't get cakey even when my skin gets oily.