Wednesday, 14 April 2010

BareMinerals Matte Foundation

Received an email from Sephora offering a free 10-day sample of the new bareMinerals Matte SPF15 Foundation for the first 500 customers. All I had to do was print out this email photo and bring it to the store.

I picked up my sample at the Ion store. The SA informed that there was a choice of three shades so I just asked for the lightest shade, which was Fairly Light. The sample pack comes with a small brush too.

The brush is quite soft, although definitely not the softest that I have tried.

I haven't tried out the foundation yet so I can't say how well it works. I was surprised at the paltry amount of product though as it does not look like it can last 10 days to me! But it's a free sample so one should not complain :-)

The instructions on the famous "swirl, tap and buff" method.


shopaholic said...

hiya (greetings from somewhere in china)!

this is the same sample given away along with female mag, recently offered as a GWP at kinokuniya. i got fairly light too but have yet to try.


LiisK said...

I'll be expecting the review now :)

Anonymous said...

Here's the review for Guerlian's Summer makeup collection. Love the new improved packaging for the Meteorites. I might just buy them now as I was not impressed with the old cardboard packaging.

Anonymous said...

Eyeshadow swatches of MJ Summer 2010 Collection can be seen here.

Karen said...

Hi Haru, where do you sign up to receive emails from sephora sg?

Haru said...

I gave them my email address when I signed up for the Sephora rewards programme. I think that's how you can get on their mailing list.