Thursday, 27 May 2010

Anna Sui Fall 2010

Anna Sui will release its fall makeup collection on 5 August in Japan.

1. Eye Colour Duo: 7 variations (3990yen)

2. Mini Rouge V: 3 shades (2100yen)

3. Nail Color N: 5 shades (1680yen)

4. Spot Concealer: SPF20 PA++ in 3 shades (2625yen, 5.6ml)

5. Eye Brightener: with high coverage pigments and three types of pearl (2625yen, 5.6ml)

The eyeshadow duos are priced a tad high for Anna Sui although the packaging looks lovely. I'm looking forward to checking out the Eye Brighteners!

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Retromantique said...

I am SO excited about this!!! I can't wait for you to update with more info :D

Thanks ♥