Saturday, 15 May 2010

Maquillage Little Glossy Nail

Shiseido kindly provided a set of their upcoming Maquillage Little Glossy Nail collection for me to review. The limited edition Little Glossy Nail collection will be released in Singapore in June while in Japan, the official release date is 21 May.

In case you're wondering how the Maquillage mini nail polishes compare with the Ettusais (which is also owned by Shiseido) Jelly Beans Party collection of nail polishes, the Ettusais Vacance Nails come in 15 shades and retail at 231 yen for 2ml. The Maquillage Little Glossy Nail comes in 18 shades and retail at 420 yen for 3.7ml. My guess is that the Little Glossy Nail will cost around S$10 or slightly less in Singapore. The mini nail polishes are a great way to try out several shades without breaking the bank. They also help minimise wastage since most people probably hardly ever finish a full size bottle before it starts to get thick and gloopy.

I received PK107, RD204, BK937, GR109 and 82.

PK107 is a sweet light candy pink with blue and pink shimmer while GR109 is an icy pale mint with light blue shimmer.

BK937 is a blackened midnight blue (my favourite!) and 82 is basically clear with chunky silver glitter.

RD204 is a pink-toned cherry with large holographic glitter bits.

Please excuse the deplorable state of my nails. I have a habit of clipping my fingernails short because I can't stand the thought of bacteria or dirt accumulating under my nails. When my nails get long, I also find myself tapping them incessantly on the desk which is just plain distracting, so I always just grab the nearest scissors and snip them off so that I can get on with my work. For the pics below, I just slapped the nail polishes on without any base or top coat as I was curious to see how they look when applied. Again, please excuse the uneven application and unmanicured fingers! I will be cleaning these off and attempting to do a better job when my nails are in a more decent state.

My initial thoughts are that as cute as the mini nail polishes are, I think a longer brush is more suitable for clumsy people like me. I found the brush handles a bit hard to grip properly. I do like the three shades that I tried out as the shimmer is really pretty. The shades can also be built up easily for a more opaque finish.

The polishes also lived up to their quick drying tag. Some nail polishes tend to smudge or crack if you accidentally scratch or knock them a couple of hours after application but the Little Glossy Nails dried down fast and did not budge or smudge even when I ran my fingertips over the nails repeatedly, less than half hour after application.

I'll post a more detailed review after I've tested these nail polishes out for a longer time.


Beauty Runway said...

Maquillage Little Glossy nail looks good! I can never finish any of my Paul & Joe nail polish. I like especially PK107 and BK937 on you :)

puranki said...

the midnight blue looks really nice and has an elegant touch! love it

Chelsea said...

That "blackened midnight blue" is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

dark nyx said...

The pink looks very pretty and girly. I like the midnight blue too.

I was wondering, when Japanese foundations say "ochre" or "ocre," do you know what colour that is? My guess is "beige" = yellow tones and "ocre" has more pink in it? I'm trying to order foundation and am having a bit of trouble so I thought you'd know more about it. =]

Anonymous said...

hi haru, does the BK937 shade contain glitter bits or just shimmer?

Tiffany said...

Hi Haru
I hope you can help me with this. Do you know if our local store carry Coffret D'or Romantic Pleasure Jewelcious Eyes? asking this because i have my leg injured and has to confine at home but yet my hands are really itchy and like to buy this online ...need a substitute for injury. funny right? sigh....the lure of eye makeup!! haha

thanks so much, Haru. if you are not sure, never mind too and really like your makeup tutorial. a new change is always good.

Pearlin said...

I love them all! Am definitely heading down to Maquillage to get them :)

Haru said...

hi dark nyx,
Ochre (or "OC") means neutral tone in Japanese foundations whereas beige (or "BO") means yellow toned. The pink toned foundations are usually denoted with 'pink' in the shade name, like "PO [pink ochre]".

the BK937 does not contain glitter, it's just a metallic shimmer. Very pretty and dark!

hi Tiffany,
the Coffret D'Or Jewelcious Eyes palettes are available at the Kanebo counters in Takashimaya and Bugis Junction. I saw them there recently. Hope your injury heals quickly!

engeng said...

Midnight blue is really nice. Thanks Haru, thanks Shiseido. :D

dark nyx said...

Mmmkay, thanks for the quick reply!

kuri said...

These are so cute! I picked up a set of 5 at Narita duty free, but I want to get the other colors, especially the darker ones. Argh, limited edition kills me! But it's fun.

Kayleigh said...

OMG! These polishes are so lovely. Can someone help me to get my hands on these nail polishes (I live in Europe, so I envy you guys in Japan and Singapore!)?