Saturday, 29 May 2010

Magnum Gold Ice Cream Party!

Thanks to the lovely Sandra (in pic below) of Sinkid, I was invited along with Mag, Kas, Sara, Chantana and Jenny to attend the Magnum Gold ice cream launch at the Waterboat House near Fullerton earlier this week. It was a lovely setting with the Marina Sands resort glittering just across the bay.

Chantana, Kas and me!

The Magnum Gold ice cream packaged like a solid gold bar.

When I first texted Kas to ask if she was attending, she was like,"Of course! It's ice cream and it's sea salt caramel!!!" And indeed, the ice cream was yummy! I was also fascinated by the lovely gold sheen of the caramel outer layer.

Sara and Chantana enjoying their ice creams :-) Sara has her own Youtube channel, do check it out! The ladies also had fun taking pics with ex-MTV VJ Utt at the party.

The guests were presented with Magnum "passports" and a super-cute luggage tag in the shape of the Magnum ice cream!

The clever "passport" design is just hilarious!

All in all, it was an incredibly fun evening out with the ladies even though I was absolutely knackered after a long day at work. Warmest thanks to Sandra!


shopaholic said...

wow, sounds like great cool fun!!! i have all along been a great fan for its chunky almond. the mini ones are wonderful for parties!

Anonymous said...

Oh!!! So super fun!
I tried the icecream and I didn't know what was the gold flavour... I thought it might be durian! Hahaha... Well, give me the Classic or White Choc anyday.

Ashley said...

the magnum gift looks so much like a posh, glam pouch! their ads is also very Bonds like..:)

Dee said...

Omg that ice cream looks awesome! Now I have a major craving!

Random but, this is the first time I've seen you with glasses on. Love the look!

AhCapp said...

Hi Iris,

The event sure looks super duper fun! =DDD

Oh, don't mind I ask where did you get your dress from? It's very nice and sweet. =)

Haru said...

hi AhCapp,
The dress is from Zara, just bought it about 3 weeks ago. It's very comfy as the back panel is stretchy.

Anonymous said...

i have tried the classic one and i loved it. Been pestering my mum to get this for me and when i came across it from your blog, i knew i had to get it...but is the taste salty sweet? Because of the sea salt caramel...would get hand this one of these days! The Magnum passport is a great laugh for me and the idea is cute and interesting, who would have thought travelling with ice cream in mind.

Haru said...

The sea salt caramel flavour is only in the outer shell, and the salt taste is quite subtle. The soft vanilla ice cream inside tastes like the classic Magnum ice cream.

The Glamarazzi said...

Wow! Nice idea - that passport. Does it also have blank pages inside? :)

bebe said...

This really looks delicious, but I can't find it here in New York. Do you know if Magnum ice cream is available in America? Thanks!

Haru said...

Hi Bebe,
Sorry, I don't know if Magnum ice cream is available in the US!