Sunday, 9 May 2010

Elle & Vogue Taiwan Freebies

Picked up the May issues of Elle Taiwan and Vogue Taiwan at Kinokuniya (Ngee Ann City) today. Both magazines retail for S$15.74 each.

Vogue comes with a full size Integrate Aqua Creamy Rouge RS307 lipstick (2.2g) and mes beaute Extra Whitening Moisture Mud Mask (15ml). The retail value of the lipstick and mask is NT$390 and NT$282 respectively, versus the magazine's cover price of NT$200.

The Integrate lipstick comes in only one shade. It retails for 1575yen in Japan, which is about S$24.

Elle comes with a Oriks Vitamin-C BB Cream 50ml and sample sachets of the Pure White BB Cream, Sun BB Cream, Gold Nano Caviar BB Cream and V-Line BB Cream. It's a great way to try out five of Oriks' BB Creams.

The Vitamin-C BB Cream has a retail value of NT$860 whereas the magazine costs only NT$200.

There were about 6 copies of each magazine left when I was there in the early afternoon today. Don't wait too long if you want to snag these! You can alway call Kino first to check if they are still available and whether it is possible to reserve them.


Rachel said...

any swatches of the Integrate lippie? thanks

Yumeko said...

that is one of my HG bbcreams! i look forward to hearing what u think!

Haru said...

hey Yumeko,
Glad to hear that! Will try it out tomorrow. I think Kathi of Lotus Palace didn't like it much though.

Hey Rachel,
I'm afraid I don't swatch my lipsticks. I'll post a pic of it on my lips if I wear it in the next couple of days.

Anonymous said...

let us know the review of the BB cream soon. thanks.

makeupmag said...

MERCI BIEN for your heads up. ;) There were quite a few Elles left but only one Vogue when I collected my copies. The one Kathi reviewed was the herbal one; this V C one may be a winner? ;)

Haru said...

hey Mag,
Glad you managed to get hold of them! I was quite surprised when I came across them. But the mags were so heavy! I had to go dump them in the car and then continue shopping ;-p

makeupmag said...

Tell me about it. They are quite hefty! :P Hope you bought lots today, hehe!

Elaine said...

Hi Rouge,
that's very generous for 5 samples, good to try which one works.

but oriks bb isn't available in singapore, right?

Haru said...

hi Elaine,
Oriks isn't available in Singapore, as far as I know, but it probably can be ordered online from Gmarket (I've never tried it).

hey Yumeko,
I tried the Vitamin C BB Cream and the oil control was not as good as the Skin79 VIP Gold and Super Plus BB Cream, so I'm afraid it's not holy grail material for me. But I'll try it out a few more times, with different bases or on its own before writing a more detailed review.