Sunday, 30 May 2010

More x Gelato Pique

Picked up the July issue of More (S$19.60) at Kinokuniya today as it comes with a large Gelato Pique tote bag and Pantene Pro-V Extra Damage Care Shampoo (40ml) and Conditioner (40ml).

The tote bag is made of polyester with PVC coating. It feels quite well made with neat stitching and can fit the magazine comfortably with room for more stuff.

The magazine is awfully bulky when you buy it (about 2 inches thick) as the Pantene bottles come in a large cardboard box, which is just such a terrible waste of paper. You can remove the outer cover with the attached Pantene box, as the magazine actually has an identical cover under the outer cover. The magazine itself is about 1cm thick.

When I was at Kino in the early afternoon on Saturday, there were only about 10 copies of More left but perhaps there were more copies in the back as Kino usually brings in quite a large quantity of More. In any case, I think this is definitely one of the better magazine supplements and well worth the cover price!


Unknown said...

I always like your updates on mooks and mags freebies! But i can't bring myself to purchase them every month because of space constraints :( what do you do what the bag and purse hauls? I know the jap ladies use the bags as bento bags, but i don't bring a bento out. Not much use for me to have so many of those cute totes.

Haru said...

hi Von,
I use the pouches to store my makeup products by brands so if I want to, say, use my Paul & Joe items, I know which pouch to pull out. As for the tote bags, I use them when I go shopping so that when I buy anything, I can tell the store staff that I do not need a plastic/paper bag. I rotate the bags that I use regularly so that I use more of my stash.

Teresa said...

Hi haru!

I bought MORE yest tooo.absoluteLy love the pretty bag!Just want to ask if both the pantene bottles are shampoo/or if one of it is conditioner?

Haru said...

hi Teresa,
One bottle is shampoo and another bottle is conditioner.

Yen's closet said...

I just bought it yesterday, seem like quite a lot still around. Like the print on it.

Regarding the pantene bottle, I think the upstair down one is the conditioner since it look thicker.. ? :p

Haru said...

The Japanese words for shampoo and conditioner are printed on the bottle like that:

Shampoo シャンプー

Conditioner コンデイショナー 

Hope that helps!

Teresa said...

Thanks for your help=)

makeupmag said...

Thanks for the heads-up! Collected my copy today. None was on the shelves, so I guess they must've been snapped up. :)