Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Dior Summer 2010

The Dior Summer 2010 makeup collection has been launched exclusively at Metro Paragon. It should be available at other counters later this month. The collection includes two limited edition Cinq Couleurs Iridescent palettes #649 Ready to Glow and #659 Crush Glow. The price of the eyeshadow quints have increased by a dollar to S$90. At Changi Airport dutyfree, these are already available and cost S$72.50 each. The "star products" of the collection are two limited edition Addicted to Dior Lipgloss Luggage Tags (S$85 each).

Sorry for the blurry pic! Still trying to get the hang of my new Motorola Backflip phone, which unfortunately does not take pics as stealthily and smoothly as my old Motorola Razr.

The top row of the pics below show swatches of #649 Ready to Glow and the bottom row is #659 Crush Glow. Both palettes are quite pretty if you like shimmery pastels. The texture is very smooth with a lovely metallic glimmer without being any frostiness. The colour payoff was good, especially for the browns.

The shade combinations are very elegant and feminine. No crazy hippie looks here! Of the two quints, my favourite is Crush Glow which had a greater diversity of shades compared to Ready to Glow where the differences between the light shades are much more subtle. The quints are pretty but as I already have a dozen Dior quints, neither struck me as being outstanding enough to add to my stash.

Dior recently also released a new Addict Ultra Gloss line of about 18 shades at S$40 each (S$35 at Changi Airport dutyfree.) Makeup and Beauty Blog has excellent swatches of Crush Glow. Do check it out!


Vonvon said...

Crush Glow is definitely very pretty, more color variation.

shopaholic said...

hihi, was in T3 earlier today for my flight out. both palettes were available there :)

Ahcapp said...

Hi Iris

I got Crush Glow and the new glosses too. I soooo wanted to haul ready to glow too, as how often do I get to buy newly launced products at the airport duty free? But I resisted. :)) thank goodness I only know the quads are LE after I returned to Sg. Or else I will use this as an excuse to grab both... Which is not a good thing for my wallet ;P

Haru said...

hey AhCapp,
I was quite tempted by Crush Glow but decided that I probably had too many dupes for the shades in it. I'm flying tomorrow too, so will probably take another look at the collection at Changi dutyfree. But am resolved to stay strong! Hope you had a great holiday!

. : * justine * : . said...

It's weird but I haven't seen a lot of displays for the collection here - they went up REALLY early and have since been replaced with the new Gloss Addict displays - so maybe most things are sold out? I picked up both quints (of course) and while I think Crush Glow will be my quint of the summer, Ready to Glow is lovely, and more neutral. Last summer I was all about bright colours, but this summer it seems to be all golds and peaches :)

. : * justine * : . said...

I love seeing other people's skin care routines! Right now I am using the Biore wipes (that come in the purple/pink packaging) to remove makeup (but I'm a bit worried as they don't sell them here) then cleanse with L'Oreal's GO360 cleanser, use Clinique's Mild clarifying lotion and then the HadaLabo lotion for toning, and a mask for moisturising and treatment at night. When I break out I use Origin's spot treatment which is fantastic - I see the little acne bumps decrease in size by the next day, and after day 2 or 3 they are gone :D

I'm still looking for an exfoliator though. I was thinking of Kiehl's Ultimate White Exfoliator to help with brightening and old acne scars but they don't sell that here either :S