Saturday, 15 May 2010

Tokidoki Messagio Fascino

I picked up the Tokidoki Fascino tote in the new Messagio print earlier this week at Play Imaginative. The print is quite unusual for Tokidoki because of the prominence of the brand initials but I love the vibrant mix of colours and cartoon characters. It definitely helps brighten up my day!

I contemplated for the longest time whether to get a small bag style as I already have the Fascino tote in Cartolina, but eventually decided that the Fascino tote shows off the print the best. Plus it'll be convenient for shopping :-) The only minor gripe I have about it is that the handles are a big long for me and non-adjustable.

Fortunately, the trimmings at the top of the bag are done in fabric this time, instead of the tacky Barbie-pink vinyl on the Watercolour series.

The bag comes with the usual pink rhinestone-studded logo charm.

The bag is essentially divided into three compartments with the middle compartment having a zip. The lack of side pockets is a drawback though, as I like having side pockets to hold my phone and makeup items.

Here are some close-ups of the print.

The Play Iluma shopfront, located on the ground floor of Iluma mall, opposite Bugis Junction.


Yumeko said...

thats gorgeous
i like a long shoulder strap and this looks like one!

Ashley said...

Hihi! The bag looks nice!! may i know the price for it?? Thanks!!!

barbie said...

hi, may i know how many totes and elegantes are left? and the prices too please!

Haru said...

hi Ashley,
The bag is S$219.95, but I got 10% off with my members' card.

Hey Yumeko,
I already started using the bag today :-) The only problem I have with it is that I keep having to rummage through the whole bag to find my stuff! Looks like I need to use more small pouches inside it.

Haru said...

hi barbie,
There were 3 Fascino totes when I was at the shop so after I bought mine, there were two left. Fascino totes are S$219.95 and the Elegantes, they are S$269.95 each. I think there were two pieces of Elegantes. Play Imaginative usually brings in just 2-3 pieces of each bag style for a print.

Anonymous said...

looks really like a great shopper bag, also love this print :) nice grab :D!

barbie said...

ah thanks so much! hopefully there's still one left when i go tmr.

Furry Guy! said...

Is that the new Furry carrier?!! It rocks!