Friday, 14 May 2010

Maybelline Hyper Diamond Shadow

Maybelline will launch a new line of Hyper Diamond Shadow palettes and Water Shiny Diamond lipsticks in late June in Japan. Retailing at 1260yen, the four palettes are formulated with the largest glitter bits that Maybelline has ever produced for a diamond-like shine. Despite the glitter, the eyeshadows have a creamy texture.

The palettes remind me of Kate which has a Diamond Cut Eyes series. The combinations are the usual gradational ones favoured by the Japanese mass market.

The lipsticks contain "Diamond Deluxe Glitter" and have a glossy shine. The 7 shades are 301 Crystal Beige, 302 Orange Garnet, 303 Diamond Peach, 304 Pink Tourmaline, 305 Rose Pink Quartz and 306 Sparkling Ruby and 307 Amethyst Star. These will retail for 945yen each.


. : * justine * : . said...

I think I can pretty much declare Maybelline to be my favourite N.A drugstore marque as I saw these and immediately wanted the grey gradiational palette and all of the lipsticks. Hopefully they'll show up in Korea (so I can get them on GMarket, haha)

Haru said...

hey Justine,
The other East Asian countries seem to get the same collections as Japan. Japan is where all these made-for-Asian products are designed and manufactured too. So they should show up in Korea or Singapore sometime, just may take awhile!

makeupmag said...

GY-1 & 307 will be mine! ;)

shopaholic said...

ooh, i like how pretty they look... maybelline lippies have good intensity (not too sure about its eyeshadows though) and i certainly hope this collection will come to spore :)

. : * justine * : . said...

Hey Iris,

I hope you're right! Actually when i saw this collection on the Maybelline JP website it was a collaboration with Cold Stone Creamery... I still thought it looked cute though!

Anonymous said...

u know they sell the same thing US too, but the color are a little different from japan