Sunday, 16 May 2010

Heavy Rotation Sexy Enamel Gloss

Heavy Rotation is another Japanese brand made by Kiss Me and currently available at the "Kawaii Corner" in Watsons as well as Sasa stores in Singapore. I was sent a set of the Heavy Rotation (also known as "Heavy-Rote" for short) Sexy Enamel Gloss (S$16.90, 7g) to review.

There are four shades available: #1 White Beige (Vanilla), #2 White Pink (Kiss), #3 Natural Nude (Berry) and #4 Cool Beige (Honey). Formulated with coconut oil and macadamia nut oil, the lipglosses keep the lips moisturised while providing a glossy enamel-like shine. They also have a light coconut scent which is detectable upon application but then quickly fades.

To dispense the lipgloss into the brush tip, just swivel the cap to the "open" position and squeeze the tube. What's good about the packaging is that the amount of lipgloss can be easily controlled, unlike some twist/click lipgloss tubes where nothing emerges for the first few clicks and then suddenly a big glob comes rushing out. When you're done applying, just swivel the cap to the "close" position.

The brush tip makes applying the lipgloss evenly a breeze although I find it a tad smaller than the usual lipgloss brush applicators.

The pic below shows #3 Natural Nude (Berry). Despite the "Berry" name, it is actually more of a slightly warm beige nude shade. On my lips, the berry tone hardly shows up but I liked the fact that the lipgloss did not wash me out. The Heavy Rote glosses are all creamy and glossy with no glitter bits or metallic shimmer. They are slightly sticky, though not as sticky as MAC lipglass. Overall, I would highly recommend these if you are interested in creating the nude lip look that is very popular among Japanese pop stars like Ayumi Hamasaki as they like to emphasise their big doll-like eyes rather than the lips.

For today's look, I used the following in addition to Sexy Enamel Gloss #3: Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara and Smooth Line Liquid Liner, Testimo Eye Bright Up Base, Lunasol Star Shower Eyes #3 Dazzling Night and Skin Modelling Eyes EX02 Blue Beige Cool, bareMinerals Matte SPF15 Foundation in Fairly Light, Benefit Erase paste and Paul & Joe Eyeliner Pencil Duo #1.

I had much better luck with the Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara today with no fibres flaking off at all. I think the trick may be to NOT apply the mascara too close to the lashline because if the fibres do not align with the lashes, they could fall in between the roots of the lashes.

The Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Liner was also much easier to use this time around. I took about one minute to line both eyes.

You can see the full line-up of Heavy Rotation on the official Japanese website. The line-up includes makeup base, powder, mascaras, eyeliners, brow powders, lip glosses and lip concealer. Mag of Makeupstash has also reviewed the Sexy Enamel Gloss in Berry.


Peachy Sister said...

Hi Haru
Wow your update is really fast, 1/2 hr ago, i saw your review on heroine mascara..and after attending to my baby, i came to see again, you have new post hehe

the bareMinerals Matte SPF15 Foundation in Fairly Light is a loose powder type of foundation right? on your face, that's the only coverage you used? if yes, wor looks nice!

evie said...

ooh nice nice..
i hae tried nude before (from the canmake one) but they does not work for me= looks like a sick person)
but this colour looks pretty!!as it seems to still retain the natural colour of your lips!

Haru said...

hi Peachy Sister,

The Heroine Mascara photos and FOTD were actually all taken yesterday but I didn't get around to writing it up until this morning. The Heavy Rotation photos and FOTD were for today.

I used the bareMinerals Matte SPF15 Foundation over a Dior Capture Totale Multi-Perfection Refining Base SPF25 and then finished it off with a light dusting of Paul & Joe loose powder. The bareMinerals foundation is a loose mineral powder foundation that is supposed to be buffed on. For me, the main drawback is that it doesn't control oil well. The one I'm using is a free sample from Sephora. I would not purchase this.

hi evie,
Probably you need one that has a warmer beige/brown or even pink tone rather than pale light beige tone so that it does not look sickly? Many ladies like MAC C-Thru lipglass but I find that it totally washes me out.

Ai Wei said...

HI Haru!

I love this look!

Anonymous said...

Oh Haru,
do do do please also review no1 and no2 of the lipglosses. I saw them at Watson and was tempted to get no1 but was afraid it makes me look washed out. Thanks!!

. : * justine * : . said...

That gloss makes such a lovely nude lip - I find a lot of them are too pale for my face (I look really off, haha). And the full-face EOTD is gorgeous! I love the smokey look on you.

Janice said...

you look great in the black eyeliner, really glamorous :) the gloss looks just like what I would like, nude without shimmer!

Ririan said...

Hi Haru,

I like this makeup look!!! very stylish!

canI check if you think the gloss is moisturising enough? I am looking for a nice moisturising gloss that I can use on its own (without lipbalm and lipstick), so I wonder if this heavy rotation one will fit the bill?

Hannah said...

Your FOTD is great! Love your EOTD too. Did you use both e/s palettes to create this look?

milktea said...

Your Heroine makeup posts really hot lah! I'm gonna head to Sasa Malaysia and check it out. Heavy Rotation mascaras and eyeliners are sold there. Lipgloss not sure, but... any excuse to go Sasa is a good one! :-)

ning xin said...

How is the pigmentation of these lip gloss?

Tempted to buy after your review, but I have really pigmented lips and more than enough sheer lip glosses.

Haru said...

Hi ririan,
The lipgloss is not super moisturising and it leaves my lips a tad dry, but not like it makes my lips peel or cracked. So I still apply lip balm at othere times when I'm not wearing the Heavy Rotation gloss.

Hi ning xin,
The glosses are more on the sheer side and are not super pigmented. #1 is the most sheer and clear while #3 and 4 add a nice touch of colour and shine.

Hi hannah,
I used the light blue shade from the Skin modelling palette in the crease and the dark blue/black shades from the Star shower quad closer to the lashline.

Anonymous said...

u have got nice facial features proportion!