Saturday, 22 May 2010

Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner Violet Magic Try #2

I tried out the Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner VI606 Violet Magic again today, together with the Blooming Dream Eyes #2 Midnight Dream palette. I used the eye base from the palette first, then layered the light pink eyeshadow over the browbone area, inner corners and lower lashline followed by the lavender shade from the upper lashline to the crease. Then I patted a bit of the eye gloss over the powder eyeshadow. The eye gloss shows up as small glitter bits that flash green.

The Violet Magic liner turned out much better this time around. I found that the trick is to apply one layer and let it dry, before applying a second layer so that the metallic purple shade shows up more intensely and evenly. The liner is a tad watery, so the first layer is not intense enough and tends to be a bit uneven. But by letting it dry and then applying a second layer, you get a smooth and more pigmented metallic finish. Kathi at Lotus Palace just did an incredibly gorgeous smokey eye look with the Violet magic liner and Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On VI606. Do check it out on her blog, Lotus Palace!

So far, I've worn the liner for 6 hours and there has been no flaking or smudging! However, the cream eye base from the Blooming Dream Eyes palette has performed poorly with the eyeshadow creasing quite a bit. I'm not surprised by this as the cream bases from Majolica's other eyeshadow palettes usually have this problem as well.

The Arden Face Powder Brush has become my new favourite brush thanks to its incredibly soft bristles, which caress the skin ever so gently. I use this for applying powder foundation and it helps to give a smooth, seamless finish. This usually retails for S$41 at the counters but I picked it up for S$29 at Changi Airport dutyfree last month.


Kathi said...

Again a gorgeous look, dear! =D I layer the liner, too, and find it works quite nicely for me.
I´ve also used the deep green liner from Majolica Majorca (it came out a year or so ago?) and loved it as well... i am usually just sticking to my black liners but I think I should use my colorful ones more! =D

Anonymous said...

I must admit the eyeline turned out so much better than the last one. Great work! I never get my lines to be so nicely thin

Haru said...

hey Kathi,
I have that green liner too but haven't been using it much although I do like it very much as well. The purple one is not so bright that I can't wear it for work, just wish that it didn't take so much work to make it look nice!

hey puranki,
Liquid eyeliners take quite a bit of practice and I definitely need more practice. But I like the finished look much more than pencil eyeliners which are easier to work with but can't give you that elegant thin flick at the outer corner.

The Misery Chick said...

How does the eyeliner compare to Stila's Little Black Dress? It looks almost the same.

fuzkittie said...

Gorgeous, the subtle color of the liner is really pretty~

Anonymous said...

Yea that is very true. For a nice finish at the outer corner you really can't get around liquid liners.
Have you ever tried the Inoui ID from Shiseido (well back when it still existed) ?
I heard that their Liquid Liner was exceptional great! To bad they discontinued the whole line up. The last leftover stocks are really hard to find :(

Haru said...

hi puranki,
Yes, I was a big Inoui ID fan, especially of their eyeshadow quads. I had their liquid liner as well, but can't say that I actually used it frequently. For many years, I actually did not bother with eyeliner on a daily basis as I usually just used a dark coloured eyeshadow to line my eyes. It was only recently that I started to use pencil/gel/liquid liners regularly.

Hi fuz,
Thank you!

hi maya,
I would say that the MM Violet Magic liner is more purple while the Stila Little Black Dress has is more blackened. Texture=wose, Little Black Dress is more pigmented.

. : * justine * : . said...

Oh I love this look too, but I confess I am too lazy to use liner I have to go over! I'm using Dollywink right now and it's dark, but not as black as K-Palette was on me so I usually have to go over the line at least once to get a nice, true black colour. I can't wait until it's finished!!

I hate using the cream bases in palettes as I find their longevity is lacking/... I usually use my regular primer and then the base just to punch up the colour (this is probably why my 'colourful' looks are so bright) :D

Whitney & the full effect said...

Gorgeous! I like how you wing it out :)

Michelle said...

Thanks for your tips Iris! I had the same problems as you with the liner. The next time I use it, I will try your method and hopefully it will work better!

Do you have any pointers for how to wing eyeliners? I really do a horrible job at it!

Btw, I love how the lipgloss looks on you!