Sunday, 30 May 2010

Masukawa Tsubasa False Eyelashes Tutorial

More magazine has a tutorial on applying false eyelashes by Masuwaka Tsubasa who is famous in Japan as a model for Popteen magazin. Tsubasa also has her own Dolly Wink line of false eyelashes and other eye makeup products, which can be found at the "Kawaii Corner" in Watsons in Singapore. Tsubasa prefers a doll-like look so she draws the eyeliner such that the outer corner extends downward.

The Dolly Wink line and Tsubasa's makeup pouch (I spy the Paul & Joe x Alice in Wonderland blotting sheet case in there!).

Tsubasa's staple eyeshadow palette is Bourjois Effet Lumiere #41. Step 1: Apply the light brown shade ( middle of the palette) all over the eye socket are, taking care not to blend it over too wide an area. Step 2: Apply the dark brown shade (extreme right side of the palette) from the upper lashline to the crease.

Step 3: Apply the highlight shade (extreme left of palette) along the lower lashline. Step 4: Use the black pencil liner to line the upper lashline, filling in the spaces in between the lashes.

Step 5: Use the Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Deep Black to line the upper lashline and extend the outer corner to slightly past where the false eyelash is expected to end. Using the liquid liner over the pencil liner helps to make the liner last longer and look more intense. Step 6: Attach on the Dolly Wink eye lash No. 1.

Step 7: Apply mascara but be careful not to over-do it so as not to look scary! Tsubasa uses Lancome Oscillation mascara. Step 8: Use a heated eyelash curler to enhance the curl of the lashes.

Step 9: Attach Dolly Wink eye lash No. 5 to the lower lid, starting with the inner corner. Do not apply mascara as that makes it look more unnatural. Step 10: Apply a highlighting powder under the eyes. Tsubasa uses Candy Doll Premium Lamé Glitter (Champagne).

On the cheeks, Tsubasa used a light pink blush mixed with orange for a glowly summer look. And finally, for the lips, she used an orange-tone concealer to suppress her natural lip colour before applying an orange gloss for a milky finish.

Hope this has been helpful!


Anonymous Bosch said...

Thanks for this post hun! :)

Hmm, I thought the sale of Dolly Wink products was limited to only for a week in January? Or do you know if Watsons has brought the line in to Kawaii Corner permenantly? Lastly, do you know which Watsons outlets carry the product(s)?

Sorry for the barrage of questions! Thanks a lot Haru. :D

Haru said...

I saw the line in the Watsons in Ngee Ann City recently. I'm not sure if it is permanent, just assumed that it was.

Pq said...

I don't think Dolly wink is available in Watsons anymore.. Tried to find it on Sat but there was only the Heroine Kiss me products... Regret not buying the lashes that time!!!

Erika.Tesshi said...

thank you for this post!
it is really helpful especially for amateurs like me T.T
i always admire the japanese models' makeup but don't understand enough japanese to read the tutorials in the magazines (>_<)

ahh i went to Watsons at Ngee Ann a week ago and didn't see the dolly wink line! ;_;

Ser said...

Hello! I have been seeking high and low for Dolly Wink at Wastons for so long, its never found! I asked one of the staffs not too long ago and she looked as if she never heard of it. :(

JC said...

Ty for sharing! That is indeed helpful, now I know the the fake lash can be line away from the inner corner...I used to stick it quite near the inner corner of my eye and the tip of the fake lashline kept poking me in the eye.