Saturday, 29 May 2010

HbG 2010 Summer "Stupid Army" Mook

Picked up the new HbG 2010 Summer "Stupid Army" mook (S$28.70) at Kinokuniya on Thursday. There were only 5 copies left when I was there. By Friday, I heard from Kas that it had sold out. The 58-page mook features Fujii Lena (spokesmodel for Canmake) on the cover.

The quality of the mini Juliette bag is naturally much better than the HbG small tote that was given away with the April 2010 issue of Steady magazine. The "Stupid Army" bag is also about 30% bigger, measuring 31x19x17cm. The Juliette bags usually retail from US$150 upwards, so the mook version is a much more affordable option. If you are interested in it, do check with Kinokuniya if they will be restrocking it.

The interior is well padded. The bag is made of PVC, cotton and polyester.

There is also a pink "Pop'n'Party" version available. There were still several copies of this at Kino on Thursday.

Celebrities, including my favourite actress Kristen Bell (of Veronica Mars and Heroes), sporting HbG bags and accessories!

Bags, bags and more bags! You can also check out the official HbG website here.


Jen said...

Ahhh I love KBell! :D She's just too adorable!

Hannah said...

Saw a Jap guy holding the pink bag at NAC Kino last Sun. It looked better IRL. The mook with the black bag was OOS at NAC Kino but there are still quite no. of copies of both the black and pink ones at Bugi Kino today.

Anonymous said...

Black nicer or pink nicer? Still available @ kino?

Haru said...

I prefer the black one. I saw both the black and pink ones still available at Kino in Ngee Ann City on Thursday.