Saturday, 1 May 2010

Beauty Essentials: Blotting Sheets

If you ask me which beauty item I need to have with me at all times or which item I have most faithfully/frequently re-purchased, the answer is Gatsby Oil Clear Sheets. Ever since I was a teenager, I have had oily skin which shows no signs of abating even after I hit my 30s. I even tried Roaccutane twice for several months each time but the oiliness returned after I stopped taking the medication. So for me, these blotting sheets are an absolute lifesaver and I always try to have a pack in my bag, another at my work desk and a third in my bedroom. Sometimes I don't even have any makeup in my purse but you will always find a pack of blotting sheets in there. These sheets are excellent for wicking away the oil without removing your makeup.

Gatsby has been my staple for too many years to count. My mother used to buy these by the dozen from People's Park in Chinatown (from those shops selling cheap toiletries). Now, I just purchase them from Watsons where they cost about S$4 for a pack of 70 sheets. What I like about the Gatsby sheets is that they are much more absorbent than paper-based blotting sheets. The generous size also means that I usually need only one sheet, whereas sometimes I need to use up to five sheets of the Body Shop's Tea Tree Blotting Tissues. Gatsby also has paper-based blotting sheets that contain a sprinkling of powder to help mattify the skin but I still prefer the non-powder version.

The Gatsby version is very similar to Clean & Clear in terms of the material but Gatsby is greater value for money because not only are the Gatsby sheets larger, there are also 70 sheets in a Gatsby pack compared to 50 for Clean & Clear.

The Body Shop's Tea Tree Blotting Sheets (S$5.50 for a pack of 65) are infused with organic tea tree oil to help combat blemished skin. While I like the tea tree oil scent, the absorbent power is much less impressive compared to Gatsby. As I need to use a four or five sheets each time, I can go through one Body Shop pack in just a week whereas the Gatsby pack usually lasts me a few weeks.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you, Gatsby oil blotters are the best! The black paper version with the powder doesn't seem to absorb much oil at all.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reccomendation. I think I will try out the Gatsy blotting paper. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The Gatsby sheets sound amazing. I wonder if I can find them online or something. I've been using Boscia blotting linens for almost 2 years now and Clean & Clear for 3-or-so years before that. I want to branch out. Have you tried MUJI or Yojiya? I want to try those too, heard they're pretty good.

The Misery Chick said...

I agree! The Gatsby oil sheets are a staple in my bag, too! I buy at least 3 packs at one time.

Will panic if I don't have them with me. :)

Like you, I've tried the Clean & Clear ones but Gatsby's are better value for money,

I can't use the paper blotter sort. I go thru them too fast, lol.

Anonymous said... too...can't help without blotting papers LOL
Usually I wear Clean & Clear blotting paper and need at least 2 of them to make my face oil-free.
It's a good news that Gatsby size is larger that Clean & Clear one :D I should try it.
Thank you for the info, Haru.

IchigoBunnie said...

i definitely agree. i used the gatsby one and its awesome. i lost it in the girl's bathroom tho cuz i accidentally left it there after i used it. T__T

Haru said...

hi Hannah,
I think it's much easier to see the oil that's lifted away from the skin with the non-paper Gatsby blotting sheets as it will actually turn transparent, whereas the black paper version does not.

hi innerchild,
I googled it and looks like you can find it on which is based in Hong Kong. I haven't tried Muji. I have tried Yojiya and while it does lift off the well quite well, I also need to use 3-4 sheets each time.

hi Maya,
Same here, I get edgy if I forget my Gatsby sheets! Especially if I also forgot my tissue paper pack :-)

The Gatsby oil clear sheet also feels a teensy bit thicker compared to the Clean & Clear sheets, which I think means Gatsby is also more absorbent. I never buy C&C unless I can't find Gatsby!

hi IchigoBunnie,
I have packs of oil blotting sheets stashed all around. Earlier this year, I discovered several packs of paper-based oil blotting sheets that were given to me during my time in Japan (it's a common free gift) and decided to use all of them up. While they weren't bad, none worked as effectively and quickly as just one sheet of Gatsby.

Nonno said...

Thanks for your review! I'll try the Gatsby one after I finish my stock of Clear & Clear.

Anonymous said...

Gatsby oil blotters are $2.60 each at one of the beauty shops in toa payoh. :)


Kas said...

Hey! Yeap, Oil blotters are a total necessity! I am an oily-oily girl too; I usually use Lady Rose (this red vinyl-looking pack) and the sheets appear to be as large as the Gatsby ones; might be a little pricey in comparison though. Sophia got me hooked on the "cooling" wipes from Gatsby so I'm definitely going to look for these!

Anonymous said...

I used the Gatsby sheets in the past also. However, my method to cut down oiliness now is actually not to apply moisturiser at night. When I woke up the next day, I only used lukewarm water to splash on my face. I must say this helps to keep the oil away from my skin most of the day.

Kiradris said...

I'll never forget the first time I went to Asia in the 90's and discovered oil blotting sheets there! At that time, they weren't selling anything like them in American, and I thought it was pretty genius.

However, I've gone totally cheap-o, and use Starbucks napkins to blot - they work, and I just grab a stack of them whenever I get my usual drink of the day!