Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Lunasol Toff & Load Stone Collection Kit

Lunasol will release a limited edition Toff & Load Stone Collection Kit (10,500yen) on 11 June in Japan. Toff & Load Stone is an accessories brand known for its classic yet fresh bag designs.

The kit includes:
1. Toff & Load Stone Collection Eyes EX01 (Sheer Gold Collection): eyeshadow quad inspired by the basic colours of Toff & Load Stone.

2. Noble Shade Liner EX02 Gold Brown: deep brown with gold pearl

3. Full Glamour Lips N EX14 Sheer Beige: beige lipstick with micro gold reflects

4. Rhinestone-studded pouch with metal accessory inspired by Lunasol's moon and sun theme

The kit will only be available at four department stores in Japan.


Bijin Blair said...

Haru, is this kit Japan exclusive?

Thank you for sharing it with us =]

Haru said...

hi Blair,
The Japanese press release did not state if it would be available outside Japan. Will post any news here if I get info that it will be available outside Japan.

Anonymous said...

This looks like something not so lunasol! I like !!

fuzkittie said...

!! This is to die for.... @.@

momiji (maple) said...

wow thats like $114usd. i just want the bag...lol.

maomiko said...

definitely want to get it, going to ask a friend to reserve for me.

Full Color Business Cards said...

The nude colors are so fabulous, but they are kind of expensive :( I wish I can have it :( But I can only choose the Coffret D'Or Summer 2010 :( But they are both nice. And this one comes with a bag :)

BV said...

OMG - CRASH - I want this SO SO baydddd!!!!!!!!

Is it just me or is that the darkest Lunasol palette ever? (I'm not an expert or anything - but whoa - I want that dark brown!!)

I just hope I can find this for a reasonable price somewhere online after this is the released.

I think I need to lie down now... phew

Thanks for this fantastic post!!

Snow said...

After collecting quite a lot of Lunasol palettes, i find this palette quite similar to their beige beige, close of night, neutral, beige orange. Which i already have. But maybe the actual item might look different?

Haru said...

The shades in this palette look like they all have a slight gold sheen/shimmer and are not the usual straight beige/brown combinations that Lunasol has put out in the past.

Anonymous said...

I don't think this will be available here, urgh i wish the beige beige starter kit was!