Thursday, 27 May 2010

Ed Pinaud x Nuyou @ Kino

Kinokuniya is giving away an Ed Pinaud Magical Eye Shadow with Nuyou magazine (S$5). The offer is exclusive to Kinokuniya.

The magazine also comes with a cloth eco-bag, in either orange or black. The eco-bag is bundled with every issue, and not exclusive to Kinokuniya. The bag is made of pretty poor material though which makes me wonder why they bothered with it at all as it's just a waste of resources.

The eyeshadow is supposed to have a retail value of S$75 but that seriously sounds somewhat inflated, even if it is made in France. But for S$5, I think it's definitely worth picking up! Even if you end up not liking it, it still costs less than a cup of Starbucks :-)

I haven't tried it out but it looks like a baked mineral eyeshadow with a shimmery finish and flecks of silver micro-glitter. The staff said that they had only one shade although the poster in store had shown two duos. The bottom opens up to reveal a brush and a sponge applicator.


pauicelish said...

there's a light blue shade at the bugis branch. I'll probably pass by taka tom to get this one :-)

Karen said...

Hi haru, what's the color combination of the other duo which you saw on the poster?

Haru said...

You can see the poster and another pink/purple duo here:

Anonymous said...

Hi Haru, thanks for the info and I went to kino to pick up a copy too! but my eyeshadow is a single color midnight black to white streaks which is not in the poster! Then I decided to pick up another copy then I got the white/pink combo like what u got. i think theres more than the 2 colors shown in the posters. ;D

Unknown said...

i got the pink/purple one when I bought at NAC today. There's still alot of copies around, in case anyone is hesitating to go down.