Monday, 17 May 2010

The Body Shop Home Fragrance Oil

Picked up three of the new Body Shop Home Fragrance Oils (S$9.90 for 10ml) today along with a ceramic burner. I got these at 20% off thanks to the members' discount (Star Loyalty members get 30% off).

There is also a Green Tea & Lemon fragrance oil but I found the Green Tea fragrance oil to be more refreshing and distinctive. After lighting up the votive, my bedroom was filled with the Green Tea aroma in less than five minutes. I used about 7 drops.

Compared to scented candles, I think the TBS home fragrance oils are more affordable and with better throw. Definitely a worthwhile option if you're on a budget!

You can find the complete list of sale items for the month of June here.


♥ Starryxuan said...

i like the green tea fragrance, smells nice and fresh!

Chelsea said...

I sent some of these to a friend as a birthday gift and she loved them! Her whole apartment smells heavenly. I think I need to get some for myself!

Unknown said...

Hello, are you still able to buy the Green Tea fragrance oil where you are? I can only find the Green tea with lemon in the uk and its not a patch on the original which I love!