Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Heavy Rotation Sexy Enamel Gloss #4 Cool Beige

Heavy Rotation Sexy Enamel Gloss #4 Cool Beige (Honey) is the most brown-toned of the four shades in the range. Unlike #1 White Beige (Vanilla) which applies mostly clear with some shimmer, #4 has better colour payoff and applies as a polished mid-toned beige.

It's not so brown-toned that it appears unnatural. Of the three that I received to review, #3 Natural Nude (Berry) and #4 Cool Beige (Honey) are my favourites. Both are easy to apply, just slick on a couple of coats and you're good to go. They wear well over a few hours although you will need to touch up after a meal.

For ladies who do not wish to bother with lipstick (which can be more high maintenance), the Sexy Enamel Glosses are worthwhile checking out if you want some delicate shine and a natural polished look without drawing too much attention to your lips.

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