Friday, 28 May 2010

RMK Makeover

From today until 3 June, you can get a makeover, hairstyling and express manicure at the RMK counter at Isetan Scotts with a purchase of S$100. I did not make any appointment in advance for it but when the MA told me about it, I decided on the spot to try it out as I was curious to see how the Gel Emusion Compact would look on my skin. Below is what I came home with, including the deluxe skincare and base makeup sample set that is the gift with purchase of S$150.

My first pick was actually the Spring Modern Eyes 02 Moss Green but it was sold out. The popularity was due to it being used on the model in the ad visual. So I got 01 Goldish Blue (S$73) instead. The brush applicator is actually made of squirrel hair, which is quite rare as squirrel hair is usually used for larger face/cheek brushes.

Mix Colors for Lips 03 Natural Orange (S$36)

Nail Color EX SH-03 Shiny Red (S$25) is one of the most popular shades in the new line of 30 shades.

I decided to get the Nail Care Gel Oil (S$20) as my fingers are perpetually dry due to frequent hand washing. One push of the button at the end of the pen dispenses enough product to do all the fingers.

After cleansing my skin, the MA prepped it with Skin Tuner Smoother, followed by Face Protector SPF31 and then the Creamy Polished Base 01. Next, she applied the Gel Emulsion Compact in 101 with a sponge. She explained that the RMK makeup philosophy was actually to apply less foundation and more base.

The Gel Emulsion Compact turned out to be not suitable for me as after a couple of hours, there was some pooling in my pores and my skin got oily quite soon. Nevertheless, the makeover was actually the most enjoyable one I've ever had as the MA was very pleasant, easy to talk to and knowledgeable.

The manicure was done with P-18. This actually has a richer pink tone in real life. It looks so much better than my own amateur attempts! Think I'll need to start investing in professional manicures.

If you're interested in the makeover service, just call the Isetan Scotts counter at 6887-5308.


Anonymous said...

I like this eye palatte! It looks good on you. Very summery feel.

shopaholic said...

hey, you look fab!

Su said...

Nice eye makeup. Look great!

This question may be out of context. Do u use eyebrow pencil?

I do my face makeup but usually leave my brows untouched, coz i am scared it may smear midday. Your brows look nice and natural, so I had to ask.

verlyn said...

hi i tink u look better in these frontal view pics imo (: love ur hauls, reviews & makeup brands updates ! u r damn efficient dats y i read ur blog daily without fail.. the deluxe skincare and base makeup sample set is so tempting !!

Sheila said...

Wow you look really good! Love that blue eyeshadow on you.

Michelle said...

I think you look FABULOUS Iris!!!! Thanks for your review of the gel emulsion palette. I did toy with the idea of getting it but read that it wasn't suitable for oily skin. Glad you confirmed it for me! I like all the Spring RMK palettes! I think they are awesome! I hope to pick up some the nail polishes soon!

Annie Dong said...

Wow, the MA did a fantastic job! Love how she did your eye makeup.

fuzkittie said...

love your makeover!! It looks amazing. LEMMINGS for RMK!

Jess said...

Wow, you look stunning! Love the subtle blue eyes and your skin looks flawless and glowy!

The nail polish looks hot! ;)

Haru said...

hi shopaholic,
Thank you!

Hi Su,
I have been using the Paul & Joe Eyebrow Pencil Duo #1 but I probably will not repurchase it, as it doesn't really match my hair color. For the RMK makeover, the MA used the RMK Eyebrow Pencil N on me (can't remember the shade number) but as it was S$41, it was just too expensive for me. Brows are very important to do as they complete the look and can make you look more elegant and awake. If you have naturally thick brows, then perhaps you don't need to fill in your brows aside from grooming them. But for me, my brows are quite sparse so if I don't fill them in, then they don't look good.

hi verlyn,
Thank you! Glad to hear that you find the blog useful :-) The sample set is a good way to try out several of RMK's bestselling products. The sunscreen is especially good, non-greasy and very light unlike most sunscreens.

hi Sheila,
Thank you! I like how the MA applied it too.

hi Michelle,
For oily skin, I think RMK's stick foundation and Powder Foundation EX are much more suitable. The MA showed me their stick foundation and it looks similar to the Maquillage Lasting Stick Foundation. All the nail polishes are very pretty! And fortunately not too expensive.

hi miss wiggle,
Thank you!

hi fuzkittie!
Thank you... actually you always give me lemmings for various brands thanks to your gorgeous FOTDS!

hi Jess,
Thank you! Their new nail polishes are all very pretty, do check them out!

Ashley said...

Hey Haru
that's such a cool buy! babe, can you tell us what's inside the "deluxe skincare and base makeup sample set" actually? i saw there is a base makeup, do they give one standard shade in freebie only? and the white tube


Haru said...

Hi Ashley,
The sample set includes the Creamy Cleansing (face wash), Skintuner Smoother, liquid makeup base, liquid foundation #102 (only this shade available), Face Protector SPF31.

Ashley said...

Hi Haru
thanks! :)
Can i know your MAC shade? this will help us know your review against our own shade :)


Haru said...

I am around MAC NC 25

BeautyOnTheWay said...

I love the eye palette too! It looks very pretty on you!

verlyn said...

hi iris, thanks for ur response and i really find ur blog very helpful in terms of almost everything :D hmm another question.. which foundation brand will you recommend ? i'm stuck between paul & joe and rmk.. thanks (:

Haru said...

hi verlyn,
I just read your blog and added it to my Google Reader :-) You're very pretty, especially your eyes!

As for foundation brand recommendations, right now my favourites in the various categories are:
Stick - Maquillage Lasting Stick Foundation
Powder - Lancome Maquicake Infinite UV
Mousse - Bourjois Mineral Matte
Liquid - Guerlain Prarure Pearly White Brightening Fluid
BB Creams- Skin79 VIP Gold

As for RMK, I have tried their liquid foundation and Powder Foundation EX. The liquid foundation does not give me enough coverage and the Powder Foundation EX does not control oil very well. But if you have normal skintyoe that doesn't need much coverage or oil control, I think RMK would work very well for you. They also have a stick foundation that looks promising but I haven't tried it.

As for Paul & Joe, I have tried their powder and creamy compact foundations in the past but the results were not fantastic for me. Fuzkittie likes Paul & Joe powder foundation very much though.

verlyn said...

hi iris, thanks for ur lovely compliments (: u r a very nice and beautiful lady i must say. ah i'm so flattered that u r actually reading my blog.

wow, thanks for ur detailed recommendations. my skin type is oily-combination and prolly rmk will suit me better i guess (:

so far, i've been hearing awesome reviews about Maquillage Lasting Stick Foundation and Skin79 VIP Gold. mayb i should go about trying them too C: