Sunday, 30 May 2010

Lunasol Fall 2010

Baila magazine has a sneak peek of the Lunasol Fall 2010 makeup collection on their editor's blog! Lunasol just held their press preview event in Japan for the collection. The collection theme is "Aurora Purification". The collection includes five eyeshadow quints of soft, easy-to-wear shades, matching lipsticks and cream eyeshadows, two blush palettes, three nail polishes. The highly popular Water Cream Foundation will also be revamped.

You can see a close-up pic of the five eyeshadow palettes on this Japanese blog. The quint design is identical to that of the earlier Geminate Eyes series. The new fall palettes are shimmery but more translucent and refined than the Geminate Eyes palettes. The collection will be released on 20 August in Japan.

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