Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Uniqlo Cosmetics Brand Collection

Mag of Makeupstash tipped me off this morning that the Uniqlo Cosmetics Brand Collection had landed in the stores in Singapore! As mentioned earlier, there are 10 t-shirt designs, two each by Canmake, Bourjois, Max Factor, Maybelline and Lavshuca.

At the Uniqlo in Ion, only the Canmake, Bourjois and Lavshuca T-shirts were available. These come in S, M, L and XL sizes. There are also quite a few of the Paul & Joe T-shirts left.

I was tempted to pick up the black Canmake T-shirt, both the Bourjois T-shirts as well as the purple Lavshuca T-shirt but at S$24.90 a pop, I decided in the end to get only the purple Lavshuca T-shirt.

The design is printed in metallic shimmery ink, which I thought was a lovely touch!

The logo on the back of the T-shirt, just underneath the collar.


Anonymous said...

uhh I'm soo jelous :)
The Lavshuca Shirt is adorable, nice pick up!

AhCapp said...

Oh iris, I wish I saw the t shirts on mon because I was there! I love the purple lavshuca you got. Pretty!!! :))

sorry to go off track, can I ask if you have tried MM skin lingerie makeup primer? I have been using it for 2 days. I realize my foundation (lancome maqicAke) can stay on pretty well. Usually after lunch, my face will turn dark due to oxidation and I will look As if I have lost all my makeup. But I noticed for both days I used it, I still love bright and radiant after lunch. Which is very good to me considering I have the oilest t zone ever! Give it a try! :))

Haru said...

hey AhCapp,

I haven't tried the MM Skin Lingerie Pore Cover. I don't really have a problem with foundations oxidising on my skin. My problem is always how to control oil. I have read some negative reviews of Skin Lingerie on Cozycot, which made me not keen to try it out. But it's great that it works well for you!

There was lots of stock of the T-shirts at Uniqlo in Ion, doubt they will sell out that quickly.

makeupmag said...

Even the label is pretty! :D