Sunday, 31 January 2010

Accessories Haul

Remember the Accessorize charm bracelet that I got two weeks ago? I have been searching for the matching necklace ever since and finally found it at the Accessorize store in Ion on Friday :-) The necklace is S$33.90 and hangs down to just above the waist.

Also got this crystal-studded hair elastic band (S$28) from River Island today. Most hairbands give me a headache if they are too tight or too loose, but this is just the perfect fit.

Oh, and if you like the pair of Topshop flats with the pearl and metal strands around the ankle that I blogged about earlier this week, the Topshop at Vivocity has several pairs of these in white, and a few in black.


nonnon said...

i love those shoes! so much that i think about ordering them, too!
do they run small or is the size accurate?

Haru said...

hi nonnon,
the size is quite accurate. I'm usually a UK size 6 for Topshop/Zara shoes, and that's what I got for this pair.

Georgina said...

i love accessorize! those are pretty accessories you hauled in haru! and the shoes omg. :)