Thursday, 28 January 2010

Paul & Joe Under Eye Concealer N

As I get older, my under eye dark circles have become more prominent and hence, I am always on the lookout for a good concealer to help me look more awake and refreshed. The Paul & Joe Under Eye Concealer (S$39, 10ml) is made specifically for concealing dark spots and shadows under the eyes. It has a light cream texture that is easier to apply and blend than the Stick Concealer N.

I got Under Eye Concealer #3 which is more pink-toned whereas #2 is more yellow-toned and #1 is the lightest of the lot.

Here's what my dark circles look like pre-makeup.

With the Under Eye Concealer dotted on.

And here's the finished look after blending it out. The Under Eye Concealer does a good job of evening out the skintone under my eyes.

Pics for my left eye.

Aside from the good level of coverage, I was very impressed by the lasting power of the Under Eye Concealer. It stayed in place over 12 hours of wear without caking or creasing. So all in all, I really liked this and can see it becoming a daily staple as it's super quick and easy to use and effective too!

Here's the ingredient list (not paraben-free).


Georgina said...

i think you don't even need concealer! ^_~

Mei Ping said...

I have really dark under eye circles and todate have not found a concealer that does not crease after 1 hour :( My under eye look more horrible with the creasing, so I do not wear any concealer.

I have combination skin with extremely dry skin on my cheeks area. Hmmm, wonder whether this works on me.

B said...

I love the purple on top!

Eye Creams said...

Most good concealers are expensive anyway, the ingredients are essential to achieve a natural and smooth look to blend perfectly. I would definitely recommend Paul & Joe concealer to anyone looking to cover dark under eye circles or blemishes.

Anonymous said...

the paul and joe under eye concelear is great -- and it seems to work well with a variety of skin types (as my friend, of varying rainbow colors, also love it). SO happy flora & henri sell it here in Seattle . . . it used to be such a pain hunting down P&J.