Monday, 11 January 2010

Love Clover Website Update

Love Clover has updated its website with the new Loose Jewel Sparkle eyeshadow (1365yen) and Lash Treatment Mascara (1575yen). The Loose Jewel Sparkle comes in six shades: 5141 Dazzle Silver, 5142 Dazzle Gold, 5143 Pink Beige, 5144 Snow Mint, 5145 Blonde Brown and 5146 Dazzle Black. These are formulated with Vitamin E, marine collagen and cranberry extract for skin treatment benefits, plus micro "Milky Pearl" and large "Star Pearl" for dazzling shine power.

The Lash Treatment Mascara comes in Volume Type and Long Type. Both are waterproof and yet they can be removed with just warm water. These are formulated with panthenol, silk, carrot extract and keratin for treatment benefits and contain more than 50% beauty treatment ingredients.

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