Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Maquillage x ICONIQ

Found this news clip on Youtube on Maquillage's press event in Japan featuring ICONIQ, who stars in their Spring 2010 ad campaign. Judging by the chatter on 2Channel, ICONIQ seems to be quite a controversial choice with many saying that she has undergone plastic surgery (then again, that is so common in Asian entertainment circles). She used to go by the name of Ayumi Lee when she was a K-pop artiste.

In the clip, she talks about how happy and fortunate she was to be chosen as a spokesmodel by Maquillage, which she found unbelievable at first. She also recounted how she went to Los Angeles to study but despite the change in environment, she felt that nothing had changed inside her so in search of some inspiration, she decided to cut her hair. In line with Maquillage's latest ad slogan ("Change yourself. You can change the world"), she talks about how change is good and that she hopes that all women will have that special encounter that allows them to change themselves.

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