Thursday, 21 January 2010

Maquillage Website Update

Maquillage has also updated its website with the new spring collection. The new spokesmodel is a 25-year old Japanese pop artiste who goes by the moniker 'ICONIQ' and has a Sinead O'Connor-esque buzzcut. You can view the new TV CMs here. It'd be interesting to see how successful ICONIQ is as a spokesmodel for a brand that has a conventional, mass market image.

ICONIQ is also the cover girl for the March issue of Voce which will be released later this week.


Anonymous said...

any idea what is the lipstick color used in the tv cm?

is it pk715?

Haru said...


According to the Maquillage website, the model is wearing Glossy Perfect Rouge PK715 in the 'Sweet' look featured in the CM.