Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Tokidoki Cartolina

The Spring 2010 line of Tokidoki bags just arrived at Play Imaginative yesterday. I was looking forward to the Cartolina print, which is a collage of several postcard scenes, many of which have Japanese influences. The print itself did not disappoint but the quality of the trimmings appears to have taken yet another decline. The prices have also become cheaper, perhaps to reflect that. For example, the Pegaso Elegante duffle bag costs S$330 but the Cartolina Elegante costs S$270.

I decided to get the Fascino tote (S$225), which is the largest style as it shows off the print beautifully. The Bellato pouch is $89, Partenza is S$99, Nobile is S$150, Incontro is S$190, if I recall correctly. The shop had only two pieces of the Fascino tote. The bag fabric is the same as Pegaso.

Base of the bag.

The interior has a zipped middle compartment and no side pockets.

The bag strap is slightly smaller in width compared to the strap on my Pegaso Matricola bag (black strap at the bottom of the pic below). Tokidoki bags used to have much higher quality straps that felt softer and thicker with horizontal rows of stitching, like the black strap at the top of the pic which is from my Discoteca Serena bag.

The straps on my Cartolina bag is pink on one side and black on the other.

My least favourite part of the bag is the plasticky pink trimming along the top edge of the bag. As you can see clearly in the pics below, the pink trim looks like it's made of PVC with a shiny finish.

At least they kept the leather bag strap connector parts.

Instead of the usual Qee/toy figure, the Cartolina bags come with a pink rhinestone logo keychain.

Nevertheless, I still adore the whimsical prints, enough to overlook the changes in the trimmings and fabric. The postcard scene below is my favourite.


Denysia said...

That bag is super cute! I actually have the first tokidoki bag, but I've wanted to get more. I know a lot of the older ones are on sale! :)

. : * justine * : . said...

I actually REALLY like that!! Maybe will have to consider getting this! The big bag looks a lot nicer than I thought it would... though the hot pink leather trim is a bit tacky, I have to say :S

Anonymous said...

hey super cool bag! i'm getting one too! oh, i heard it's cheaper because it was shipped from HK so they pass their savings on to customers (:


Anonymous said...

sigh...newer tokidoki's just dont have the 'it' factor anymore.
i agree with several comments made on this post: design is much better than previous designs (though a way too busy for my liking to the point, i cant even see my fav. characters anymore) and also yucky tacky pink trimmings. kudos to Legno for the price reduction though....we need that in this tough economy. lol thanks for the post!