Thursday, 7 January 2010

InRed x Jill Stuart

The February issue of InRed (S$19) arrived at Kinokuniya today. As mentioned earlier, it comes with a zebra-print mini fleece blanket, zip pouch and two detachable accessories.

The zip pouch is huge (21x27cm), almost the same size as the magazine. The material is polyester.

It has two zip compartments.

There is a inner side pocket in the main zip compartment.

The fleece blanket measures 43x70cm. It's not large enough to comfortably wrap around the shoulders but it can be used to cover your lap if you work in a cold office.

Both accessories feel quite well-made, especially the chain strap.

The zebra print is inspired by a similar print featured in Jill Stuart's spring fashion collection.


Shin said...

hi, do u think the material is soft and comfy enuf for baby? it's cant cover our shoulder but should be big enuf to cover a baby rite? :)

Anonymous said...

hello :) it looks cute!
is the material quality good?
thank you b4...

Haru said...

Yes, all the items are of good quality, especially the chain accessory.