Sunday, 24 January 2010

Kinokuniya Haul

I picked up this trio of plastic folders at Kinokuniya (Ngee Ann City) a couple of weeks ago, then promptly lost the shopping bag that contained them. After a few days of hunting high and low in my apartment, car and office, I finally found the bag inside another large shopper bag containing my mother's new Jean Perry comforter that she had stashed in the storeroom. These cost just S$1.95 each :-)

Mamegoma seems to be one of the more enduringly popular characters, like Rirakkuma as there is always new stationary appearing with these characters every couple of months. The words are the Japanese names for the different animals, e.g wanko=puppy, kaeru=frog, risu=squirrel, usagi=rabbit, buta=pig and nezumi=mouse.

This pair of little piggies is known as Monokuro Boo, whose tagline is "Simple is Best". I want to get a pair of these plush toys on my next trip to Japan! You can read more about them on Wikipedia.

And finally, a sheet of sakura stickers, just 'cos I miss the cherry blossoms in Japan terribly.


nlngstar said...

is so cute!


this is exactly why I love japan! They come up with the cutest products!

Ying said...

hihi iris! I just got back from singapore like last night. thank you so much for letting me know where to go to get awesome magazines. i think i went to kinokuniya about 4 times in the week i was there. i also got lots of cute stuff from there. once again, thank you so much =)