Monday, 25 January 2010

Paul & Joe Website Update

The Paul & Joe x Alice in Wonderland collection is up on the official website! Check it out here :-)

The new eyeshadow singles and Creamy Cheek Powders are also up.


Lilian said...

Gosh is that an oil blotter case?? Its so pretty? Do you reckon we will get it here in Singapore?

Haru said...

Hi Lilian,

I read on Cozycot that the Alice collection will be released in Singapore in February. Each set will cost about S$78, very expensive for just a lip balm, oil blotting case (and refill pack) and a metal case.

Anonymous said...

You reckon JP will be cheaper? I'm getting a friend to buy them.

Haru said...

The price is Japan is 6300yen, which is about S$98.60 at the current exchange rate. So it looks like the price in Singapore will be cheaper but I'm not sure if the reported price of S$78 in Singapore is 100% accurate, will need to check with the counter when the collection is actually released.