Sunday, 31 January 2010

Tangs Bazaar Sale

The Tangs Bazaar Sale is currently taking place at Suntec Convention Hall (Level 4) until 3 February. The only makeup brands on sale are Guerlain, Ipsa and RMK. For RMK, there are the discontinued version of the Creamy Makeup Base in 00 and 01 (S$30), plus several of the eyeshadow duos (S$25) from the Spring Translucence collection that was released in January 2009.

Guerlain had the limited edition eyeshadow quad (S$39) and three lipglosses from the Spring '09 collection, some eyeshadow singles plus several shades of the Prarure powder foundation refills (S$44).

Ipsa had the Cream Essence Foundation #101 and #201 (S$25), Metaboliser EX04 and the Time Reset Cream CS2 (S$30). I was tempted to get the Ipsa foundation and Time Reset Cream but eventually decided against doing so as the manufacturing date was January 2008.

Luxasia has a booth there selling many brands of perfume such as J.Lo, Sarah Jessica Parker, Nina Ricci, Britney Spears, Calvin Klein, Vera Wang, Marc Jacobs etc. Marc Jacobs Splashes in Lemon and Cucumber were S$60 each.

The Britney Spears perfumes were mostly at S$45 each for the 100ml versions.

The Vera Wang Truly Pink set is S$130. Didn't see any of the other Vera Wang fragrances like Princess.

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