Saturday, 16 January 2010

The She Space Discontinued

In case you haven't heard, Heather, the owner of The She Space has decided to discontinue TSS Cosmetics to pursue her other life goals. It may sound strange but TSS basically got too big for her liking. She will still continue selling pigments in the form of Hope Quest Cosmetics but there will no longer be a truckload of limited edition collections and large permanent line.

When I first read her email to the TSS mailing list (you can read it on the TSS forums too), it was with a bad sense of deja vu because Heather did this before when she closed down Twisted Fayte only to make a comeback later with TSS. It was nice to watch TSS grow over the past couple of years as mineral makeup became popular with the masses, so it's sad that there won't be any more of those delightful limited edition collections to look forward to in my mailbox.

All full size pigments have been marked down to $2.50, from the usual price of $4.50 so if you've been considering placing an order, don't wait too long. You can view my previous TSS haul posts here.


Elisa said...

Woah! Thanks so much for the heads up. I just put in my order.

Sara said...

Wow, thank you for this. My first few eye pigments were from The She Space and it's quite sad to know their closing down now..

Btw, this is Sara from the blogger party (the girl in the Wonder Woman shirt, if that helps. haha)

Jae Liew said...

Hey there,
Would like to ask how long the pigments took to get to you? I'm located in Singapore and would like to gauge if it's going to be a long wait... Thanks so much!

Haru said...

hi kiyo,

My previous orders from TSS usually took 3-4 weeks to arrive. It takes TSS up to 2 weeks to process the order and mail them out, after that it can take another 1-2 weeks to reach Singapore.

hi Sara,
it was great to meet you! I'm quite sad to see TSS go as well. Still haven't quite decided if I should place a final order.

Jae Liew said...

Thank you so much for replying! :) I really like your blog's concept by the way! =D