Thursday, 7 January 2010

Maquillage Spring 2010

Check out Yuki's Lazy Channel for incredible pics and swatches of the upcoming Maquillage spring collection! I rarely buy Maquillage products (think the last was their gel eyeliner) but the limited edition blue/green palette is definitely on my spring shopping list :-)


Anonymous said...

I haven't tried any Maquillage products yet, but I definitely have to get the green-blue shadow set (my favourite colours) - I love that the packaging is also a gorgeous pale aqua!

Anonymous said...

Hi Haru,

Enjoyed reading your blog as I'm a big fan of Japanese makeup as well.

Do you realised that mineral makeup is all the rage in US/Europe, yet Jap brands did not venture into mineral makeup lines?

I wonder why.


Anonymous said...

The eyeliners n eyebrow mascara look like a tempting buy as well besides the eye palattes.

shaynaJo said...

hie, thanks for the great info!
the eyeshadow palette looks great but i think the colors are nothing to shout for... these colors are kinda repetitive though...
might wanna get the lipstick instead. haha..