Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Urban Decay Eyelash Primer Potion

I was sent a Sephora US$15 voucher code in December and decided to use it on the Urban Decay Box of Potions (US$65). The retail value of the five full-size products in the set is US$114 so it looked like a pretty good deal since I was essentially paying US$10 per item.

The Eyelash Primer Potion retails usually for US$20 on its own but after trying it out a few times, I can safely say that your $20 are much better spent on something else. It is supposed to be a "lengthening, volumizing, and fortifying mascara base" with a conditioning, fortifying, and thickening formula of silk protein, panthenol, and hydrolyzed wheat protein.

The Eyelash Primer Potion is quite easy to apply although it comes out of the tube slightly gunky especially at the tip of the brush. You need to wipe the excess off against the inner side of the tube, otherwise you will end up with unattractive white clumps on your lashes.

Here's what my bare naked lashes look like: short, sparse and stubbornly straight so I need my mascaras to have good lengthening and volumising power.

With the Eyelash Primer Potion applied, my lashes look scarily white without much additional length.

And finished with Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes mascara. As you can see, there is no significant increase in length or volume due to the Eyelash Primer Potion. Later in the day, I also noticed that some parts of my lashes appeared white where they were not fully coated by the mascara. I can pretty much achieve the same effect by using a mascara alone, so why would I want the added expense and hassle of investing in a primer potion.

My mascara did last well over 8 hours of wear but I simply did not see much additional benefit from using the Eyelash Primer Potion. Love the sleek lilac packaging, but unfortunately, this just did not do much for me at all.


Sheila said...

I was looking at this set! Please do a review of the other stuff when you get a chance =)

Claire said...

Heyy u changed your profile pic. :) You look cute!

Thanks for the Eyelash Primer review. Really tempted to get this potion set. >.<


shopaholic said...

hi, check out urban decay alice in wonderland swatches here

petitez said...

I got this set too! I also feel that the eye lash primer is not good at all. Its doesn't help much with my lashes. The only 2 things I really like in the set is the eyeshadow primer and the pore perfect primer. :)