Saturday, 23 January 2010

Tokidoki Creativa Haul

When I received an email alert from Amazon Japan recently for their new year sale, my eyes almost popped out when I saw that two Tokidoki Creativa bags had been marked down by a whopping 65%. Admittedly, the retail prices in Japan are horrendous to begin with, at a whopping 44,100yen (about US$490), compared to the US retail price of US$248. But at 17,345 yen, these worked out to about US$193 or S$271. Play Imaginative is selling these at S$400. I dithered over them for a few days. Then finally when Amazon Japan showed that there was one last remaining piece for each print, I bit the bullet and got both ;-p

Reverse side.

I couldn't decide initially between Discoteca and Geometric Girl because I already own a Discoteca Serena but I liked the Discoteca print more than the Geometric Girl. As I tend to prefer big roomy bags, plus the fact that Tokidoki seems to have discontinued the Creativa bag style in its more recent collections, I decided to get both.

The bag below is the Geometric Girl print. Love the small characters whizzing all over but the buggy eyes turned me off at first.

What I liked about the Creativa style are the numerous pockets (front, side and back) and that the underside of the top flap features the print in its entire glory.

The quality of the trimmings is also top-notch and much more elegant and classy compared to the more recent collections like Cartolina and Pegaso.

I miss the rainbow zips and the round Tokidoki logo zip tags the most!

The Discoteca and Geometric Girl Creativa share the same interior design.


. : * justine * : . said...

I actually really like the quality of these bags, but I find the creativa too big!! It would have been perfect for school though. I had a Leo Creativa but ended up passing it on to a friend as it is HUGE but not my style of carry-on bag

I miss the quality of these bags. The fabric was waterproof, thick, and soft, and they still seemed very high quality! The new bags seem somewhat cheaply made compared to these collections and the LSS prints.

Lauren said...

Lucky! I looooove TokiDoki :) The price you got it for is awesome.

cewek said...

Great buy!

Does Amazon Japan ship internationally or did you have to use an intermediary?


Haru said...

hi cewek,
Amazon Japan ships internationally but the postage rates are very expensive. I shipped these to a friend in Japan who sent them on to me :-) You can read about Amazon Japan's international shipping policy here:

hi soccerrocker1234,
Thanks, I adore Tokidoki deeply, and can't seem to get enough of them recently! The price I got them at is about the same as what one would pay on Ebay but I didn't want to go through the hassle of Ebay.

Hi justine!
I agree, the quality of these bags are much better than the last two collections. I'm going to use Creativa when I go shopping, especially for those trips to the bookstore, as well as travelling like when I go visit my boyfriend in New Delhi.

CHARRY said...

Nice Bag!

Tamtam said...

I wish I can get TokiDoki bag here in Hong Kong!