Saturday, 16 January 2010

Sweet & Cutie Feb 2010

Picked up the February issues of Sweet (S$19.30) and Cutie (S$16.40) magazines earlier this week at Kinokuniya. Sweet comes with a Cher tote bag and pass case while Cutie comes with a Care Bears zip pouch and mirror.

The Cher logo tote bag is a special collaboration item to mark Sweet's circulation surpassing 1 million copies. Past issues of Sweet that included similar Cher tote bags always ended up selling out. The soft cotton bag feels very well made and is incredibly roomy with a broad base and sides (H26xW375xD14.5cm).

The cheerful yellow and pink heart print is cute!

The pass case is made of PVC and feels a bit cheap.

The Care Bears were my favourite toys as a kid so this issue of Cutie was a must-get for me as the prints on both the zip pouch and the mirror are just adorable! I don't like the new generation of Care Bears toys as they changed the proportions and faces of the Bears. The new generation ones just don't look as cute and plump as the original.

I liked the fact that there are different prints on the two sides of the pouch, which is quite large relative to the size of the magazine.

The next issue of Cutie will come with a Rirakkuma key case while Sweet will include a Rich lunch tote (no pics yet).


Claire said...

Need to hurry down to Kino to get my copies!:D

Tsuze said...

I totally with you that the new generation of Carebears do not look as plump, chubby or proportionate as those in the past.

Catherine said...

Oh the Cher tote is so cute but I NEED that Rilakumma key pouch!

Ahcapp said...

Hi iris,
the Cher tote smells better after a night of airing :) you can try it. I really like the tote. Especially since I know it's not cheap to get the real Cher tote. This gwp is just nice for me!
Love the care bear gwp. They do remind me of my childhood days.... :)

dark nyx said...

Awww, the Care Bears pouch is just too cute! I might have to go pick up a copy now. :Þ