Sunday, 24 January 2010

Topshop & Zara Accessories Haul

My new year resolution is to use up more of my beauty products stash before I accumulate more new stuff. I'm trying to do a version of the Project 10-pan challenge whereby I have to use up 10 products before I can buy another beauty product and so far, I'm up to only three. Long way to go but I may 'cheat' by counting samples towards the number :-)

Anyway, I've been getting my quick retail therapy fixes by buying random accessories instead. I got the necklace below at Topshop and the belt at Zara.

I'm a sucker for anything with chain mail as I love the feel of the cool metal and how it drapes across the skin. This will come in handy for jazzing up a simple top.

When I spied this belt at Zara, it was one of those "gotta-have-it" moments (picture Sarah Jessica Parker in the Covet fragrance commercial).

Love how the chains dangle across the length of the belt and the contrast against the metal paillettes. I think this was S$65 originally but I saw it marked down to S$40 at the Zara store in Ion Orchard earlier this week. The MUAer in me whispered "Get a back-up!" then I wisely put it down and walked out!

This fitted perfectly and comfortably around the lower ribcage area. I haven't worn it yet but will probably pair it with a loose fitting dress.

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Furry Guy! said...

That's soooo hot!!!