Thursday, 28 January 2010

Gisele x Gelato Pique

The March issue of Gisele comes with a pair of Gelato Pique room shoes. I adore pretty much anything that Gelato Pique makes, so I decided to splurge on the magazine which is quite pricey at S$24. The cover girl is Lindsey Lohan...major ick!

But luckily, the room shoes, which come in a sweet mint shade, did not disappoint. The material is Gelato Pique's signature fluffy "moco moco" fabric, which is made of polyester and feels incredibly soft. There isn't any cushioning for the soles though.

Kinokuniya brings very limited copies of Gisele so it can be quite hard to get hold of unless you call and reserve on the day of release.


Denysia said...

nice shoes! I wish we had that magazine here, so I could get those shoes as well!

Catherine said...

OMG so cute!!

Sara Kye said...

Those shoes are so cute!

Would you mind if I mentioned this post of yours on my blog and also took a picture to showcase it. I will link your blogpost and credit the picture. (:

Haru said...

Hey Sara,

Sure, go ahead :-)

Sara said...

Hi Haru,
Posted here:


Anonymous said...

Hi but does the shoes have sizing?

Haru said...

hi himej,
the shoes are free size, as they stretch to fit.