Monday, 11 January 2010

Guerlain Prarure White Brightening

Guerlain is revamping its Prarure White line in February. The collection includes Meteorites Pearly White (8085yen), Meteorites Perles Pearly White (9765yen) and Prarure Pearly White Brightening Compact powder foundation (8715yen) SPF20 PA++. The powder foundation will be available in 6 shades. Looks like it's a knock-off of RMK Powder Foundation EX with a small strip of illuminating/highlighting powder.

The Meteorites Pearly White has a slightly different cover design from the version that was released in March 2009 (see my earlier review here) with the mixture of balls being mostly white, whereas the 2009 version had pastel mauve, pink, green, gold and white balls.

The Meteorites Perles Pearly White contains white pearl beads suspended in a gel solution. It is a mattifying primer that also has an illuminating effect.

The collection will be released on 19 February in Japan.


Taryn said...

I was thinking of picking up the older white Meteorites from a website, but do the white ones show up at all?

I got the pastel version (I think it was for Christmas this year) and the only thing I'm getting is sparkle and no color, unlike the pink and brown ones.

Haru said...

Hi Taryn,
the 2009 Pearly White Meteorites show up as a dreamy whitish finish. You don't really see any pink/mauve/gold/green tones once applied.