Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Dior Iridescent

Voce's makeup release calendar lists three new Dior Cinq Couleurs palettes to be released on 5 February in Japan.

I haven't seen any news or pics of these new palettes elsewhere other than Voce but today, I received a mailer from Dior describing this as the Haute Color collection. Here's the description:

"Experiment with the new 'Color Art' formula, for eyes that are dressed to perfection. Delight at the new multiple combinations of shades, soft textures and harmonies that reveal your eyes with rarely rivaled color intensity. This true "Haute Color" jewel offers spectacular matte, satiny or finely scintillating effects. An ode to Haute Couture's most sophisticated fabrics."

The palette case features the same silver rim around the lid, like the two palettes from the current spring collection, so I'm guessing that these will retail at S$91.

Edited to add: Guess I spoke too soon! UrCosme has pics of the 3 palettes! Judging by the recent releases, the product designers at Dior really like their purples and greys.


. : * justine * : . said...

The new quints look GORGEOUS and I already want all three of them. I'm going to swatch in person, but hopefully my store will have an event that will make splurging on them all at once worth it... I'm bad at waiting, haha. The smokey navy quad looks quite different from anything they've done before... at least to me!

AhCapp said...

Hi Iris,

The new palettes look interesting. The last one (plum palette) looks very familar though. I think plum is gorgeous! ^_^

Tamtam said...

wow all three colors look so beautiful, i'm particularly attracted to the middle one.
Thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

Hi Haru, you're spot on! The CD SA's once told me that their MU creative director favours purple and they seem to appear in almost every palette in dif hues of purple :)

CD Lover

Anonymous said...

Even though these palattes look beautiful and I will probably end up getting one or two, but I must say I'm getting dissappointed with what Dior is coming up with. I wish that Dior can surprise me with more interesting mix of colours.