Thursday, 21 January 2010

RMK Base Makeup Kit

Spotted this RMK base makeup kit at the counter in Takashimaya today. Although the original retail price in Japan is 6800yen (S$104), it costs only S$59.99 here. It includes deluxe sample sizes of the Creamy Foundation 103, Makeup Base, Control Color N 01, Creamy Soap N, Cleansing Milk N, Skintuner Smoother and Face Protector N. It's a pretty worthwhile deal if the foundation shade is suitable for you (only 103 is available).


makeupmag said...

That is an excellent price! *tempting*

~raspy~ said...

I bought the set at Takashimaya sales yesterday!

The shades of the Creamy Foundation are available in 102 and 103 :)

Haru said...

hey raspy,

Thanks for letting me know! I think I can pull off 102 :-) But am not so sure about the other products in the set which I have tried before and honestly, was not too impress by.

~raspy~ said...

From the set, I have only tried the Face Protector N and Cleansing Milk N.

The cleansing milk clog my pores but the sun screen is pretty decent. :)

I also bought another kit that contains a full size eye mu remover and mascara and a curler.

And I also bought a lipsitck.. x_x