Saturday, 6 March 2010

Anna Sui Blogger Party Gift

I was invited to an Anna Sui party for beauty bloggers but was unable to attend due to another commitment, but the generous PR folks at Anna Sui was kind enough to send me the gift bag nevertheless. It contained several of Anna Sui's latest products, which I wasted no time in trying out :-)

Lip Rouge G #302 is part of the newly revamped line of lipsticks. When I first saw the pics of the new lipstick case design online, I wasn't too impressed but these turned out to be quite cute in person, especially with the heart-shaped top.

The "G" shades are supposed to be extremely glossy and moisturising. And indeed I found #302 to be quite glossy and emollient. It glides on very smoothly and applies sheer, giving my lips just the barest hint of pink.

Protective Powder Foundation L is the new powder foundation that has just been launched at Anna Sui counters in Singapore for spring/summer 2010. I received this in shade B02, which looked like it might be a tad yellow for my skintone, but when applied, I was surprised by how natural it looked without any yellow tones. The level of coverage was a tad sheer and it did not completely cover up the redness in my cheeks but overall, my skin looked more even-toned and polished. I had to blot my T-zone every hour or two but this is normal for me. The foundation does have a light rose scent which is not noticeable after application.

The Oil Blotting Case feels nicely sturdy and well made. There are other brands that make cheaper knock-offs but nothing beats the real original in terms of quality.

I like how the design pattern extends to even the underside of the lid.

The oil blotting sheets are a delicate lavender shade, almost too pretty to use!

Mini Rouge in #700 has Anna Sui's signature rose design motif and distinct rose scent. This nifty little compact also includes a mirror under the lid for applications on the go.

Nail Color N in #205 (purple with holographic glitter) and #902 (chartreuse).

Nail stickers

Love the cute butterfly charm on the makeup pouch zipper!

Thanks to Sandra from Anna Sui and Mag for helping me to pick up the gift bag! Do also check out Sarah's and Mag's posts about the party on their blogs, Icyabstract Makeup and respectively!


Dominique -aka- 美華ちゃん said...

Anna Sui is so gorgeous!

pinkdolphi1 said...

Love Anna Sui's Rouge G! My HG colour is #701! 302 is also very pretty!

AhCapp said...

Hi Iris,

Do you mind letting me know if this Anna Sui lippie has any scent in it?

I bought a Dior High Colour lippie during the recent Metro sale. Woops, great mistake! It was buttery soft when I tried it at the counter (they must be melting under the spotlights!) When I started using it now, it's quite drying and it doesn't apply so well. With lipbalm, it will spread! Wasted my $.

I have much better experience with Dior High Shine, which applies really well.

So anyway, I am always on the lookout for moisturising lippie which will not dry my lips. =) My colleague raves about Jill Stuart lippie which I have yet to try though.

Haru said...

hey AhCapp,

Usually the more pigmented lipsticks tend to be more drying, but just apply a bit of lipbalm before the lipstick to help the lipstick glide on better. I do that with my Too Faced lipsticks all the time. You can also try Paul and Joe lipsticks which I find to be creamy and non-drying.

The Anna Sui lipstick has the usual AS rose scent but it's not noticeable after application on the lips for me.

Chantana said...

The lip color look so pretty on you! I was just telling Sara that the lipstick you got was really pretty!